What People Say About Us

Our customer feedback tells us how people experience their realtionship with RSVP Design.
We are seen as professional, highly experienced, creative, supportive, enthusiastic and honest.


People respond to our personal commitment to the work we do and to our willingness to be flexible to their needs. We are seen as a small company with a global reach and with extensive knowledge and expertise available to us, from our professional partnerships and mutually beneficial client relationships.

Case Studies


“I am focusing on a leadership project on university campuses in Kenya. My work includes team development for students, and a company that provides team development for corporates. The goal of the company is to raise funds for the projects I run on the university campuses. I ordered two sets of Webmaster and Colourblind several years ago and LOVE your products! They have connected with everyone, both students and the corporate companies. I decided to try more of your products as I have found so much value in the other two. Thank you for creating such amazing products! :-)”

Brent Hanson


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