Bahrain Polytechnic
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RSVP Design works with clients in a variety of ways, and in a variety of sectors. For some clients, their interest is in accessing a new learning design that might bring their content to life, make it engaging and allow their delegates to build their skills, and begin to apply their knowledge. Others also want us to build the skills of the facilitation team, transferring our learning on how to make the programmes as engaging and effective as possible. Finally others want to take advantage of our support to increase their return on investment on experiential learning tools they have purchased from us – we create a training Workshop that not only looks at their current learning challenges but also assist to build some new creative responses to these, applying our materials in new and more effective ways in more places.

Bahrain Polytechnic is a government-owned tertiary education institute located in the Kingdom of Bahrain, teaching local students on a range of degree courses including Business, Information and Communications Technology, Engineering Technology, Visual Design and International Logistics Management.
The Polytechnic is committed to developing what the staff refer to as “21st Century Skills” – the skills that support independent learning, creativity and innovation, communication, the acceptance of individual responsibility and effective teamwork. They understand that in a small island, local students need to be prepared for employment outside their home environment and will benefit from developing a broad range of skills that make them attractive as employees in international businesses.

In 2013 The School of Humanities bought a full toolbox range of RSVP Design’s experiential learning tools. To support and accelerate this, Ann Alder from RSVP Design was approached to deliver a two-day workshop training to the Faculty Management Team, including programme managers and designers
and lead teaching staff. This was followed by a one-day workshop which was extended out to 40 teaching staff, from a range of specialisms including Maths, English, IT, Engineering, Visual Design and Transport Logistics.

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