Guilford County Schools, Greensboro, NC, USA

Team Development & Trainer Training Study

Guilford County Schools is the third-largest district in North Carolina, serving more than 72,300 students across 127 schools in urban, suburban and rural areas. The district is divided into four regions, each with its own office staff, support staff, and regional superintendent who provide personal attention to the schools. Personalizing learning is a key value, and Guilford County Schools are committed to personalizing learning for each of their students.

The Strategic Plan 2016: Achieving Educational Excellence. GCS want to personalise learning focuses so that they reach each student at their own academic level or interest level. They then want to provide the tools to their students so that they continue moving forward.

Many of our clients want to take advantage of our expert support and advice in order to increase the return on their investment in the experiential learning tools that they have purchased from us. We can create a Training Workshop that not only looks at current learning challenges but also assists in building new creative responses to these challenges. We are always looking to apply our materials in new and more effective ways. GCS had already invested in a wide range of RSVP Design’s experiential learning tools and wanted to ensure that they made the best use possible of these exciting resources.

RSVP Design’s involvement in the Program
Ann Alder, RSVP Design’s specialist in the training of trainers and teachers, was invited to work with the team over 4 days.

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