How many images do you need in your deck?


20 Images

In order to focus in on a particular topic, but with multiple copies to allow several people to choose the same image Having more than 1 person choose the same image allows an exploration of how people can view the same thing, but have very different interpretations and reactions.


<60 Images

In order to work with a typical intact team size (12 people) and provide a good range of images to select. If people are ‘taking’ an image from a deck you want each person to feel they have a wide choice and someone didn’t ‘take’ their card first.


>60 Images

Large groups may require large amounts of images, but consider whether too many images may extend the duration of the activity, or whether the groups can be sub-divided with the same or different images. Consider placing all images for viewing on floor and have people walk amongst the images, providing significant time for inspection & reflection.

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