Experiential Learning Activities

We specialise in the creation and sale of practical, experiential learning activities and resources for integration into organisational training and development.

What are RSVP Design products used for?


Our products have all been designed or chosen because they address specific needs that are common in organisational life. Our experiential learning activities focus on the key skills needed for successful team building, teamwork, supervision, management and leadership.


Skills development

RSVP Design’s experiential learning activities are used to develop and refine skills, or test changes in behaviour in a safe environment. This is extremely beneficial as a pre-cursor to applying what you’ve learned to both your personal and professional life.

Self awareness and reflection

RSVP Design activities are perfect for sensitising individuals and teams to their own patterns of thinking and behaviour; thus raising self awareness through a process of activity and review, and allowing you to identify areas for further development.

Skill Areas Addressed

Here are some of the broad areas that RSVP Design experiential learning activities & tools have been designed, or selected to address:

Personal Development
Team Development
Management Development
Leadership Development
Facilitation Skills Development
Employablility Skills Development

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Product Catalogues and Information

Details on both experiential learning activities and resources for corporate and organisational settings and for educational establishments.

Product Price Lists (GBP£ & USD$)

Price lists for experiential learning activities and resources for corporate and organisational settings and for educational establishments.


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How to select an Image Deck

A guide to help you select one of our image based activities which best suits your needs, available from our online shop

“RSVP Design’s resources are always of the highest quality and I have been hugely impressed by the friendly, efficient and professional service I have always received. The training equipment is used very regularly at Brathay and I receive excellent feedback from my clients as to the effectiveness of the products.”

Paul Bate
Learning and Development Consultant
Brathay Hall trust, UK

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