Free Tips for Technical Trainers

Our Free Tips for Technical Trainers Guide provides different learning methods and techniques for effective learning using experiential learning, brain friendly, and accelerated learning. 

Free Tips for Technical Trainers

Our Training Director, Ann Alder, has written an extensive guide compiled of different learning methods, techniques, and approaches for effective learning.

What is in the Free Tips & Techniques guide?

Free Tips for Technical Trainers GuideAnn Alder, our Training Director, created the free guide for technical trainers – or anyone who is new to experiential learning – to break down
how to design training sessions, and to introduce different learning methods, approaches, and techniques for effective adult learning.

An extensive 22-page guide with valuable and beneficial information, an essential read for any trainer, facilitator, coach or teacher who wants to introduce and use learning methods such as, accelerated learning, brain friendly learning, or experiential learning into their training.

Contents of the guide

  • Should I change the way I’ve always delivered my training?
  • Traditional Learning vs. A Learner Centered Approach
  • Where do I start?
  • Understanding more about how adult learners learn
  • The changing role of the Trainer
  • Engaging learners in the training session
  • Examples of using different senses in training activities
  • Helping learners to develop their personal learning skills
  • Designing your training programme
  • Selection of appropriate activities
  • Ensuring retention & transfer
  • The delivery of the training
  • Materials, resources, & the Learning Environment
  • Measurement & evaluation of results

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“Our team had the opportunity to spend four days with Ann Alder, learning how to maximize our usage of numerous RSVP tools. Ann was amazing! Not only did we learn how to facilitate the RSVP Design tools, the experience changed the way our team will interact, communicate, plan, and design adult learning experiences forevermore. The learning tools were so well designed and easy to use. They are far more versatile than we ever imagined and it was Ann’s training that allowed us to realize how many applications each of them offer. Some of our favorites were Sequencer, Simmetrics, Minefield and Colourblind. Our only regret is that we did not work with Ann sooner!”

Amy Holcombe, Ph.D.
Executive Director of Talent Development
Guilford County Schools, NC, USA

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