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Powerful, memorable  activities & games that develop more resilient learners, more able to persist with problems and with a higher tolerance for not knowing. They help the normative, self-righting tendencies of individuals to deal with the challenges, pressures and stress in both personal and professional environments.

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What is Resilience?

The word ‘Resilience’ has two areas of meaning for us here at RSVP Design, but in neither case is it considered to be a finite and fixed capacity that an individual has, nor a fixed and inflexible personal response to situations.

  • In the first area it is commonly seen by coaches, trainers and organisational development specialists as a range of skills, behaviours and attitudes that are required to develop the personal mental toughness and ability to deal with and bounce forward from challenges, pressures and stress in both personal and professional environments.
  • In the second area it is more focused on the ability to overcome adversity and obstacles particularly in relation to learning – indeed ‘resilience’ is a label given to one of 7x dimensions aligned to work originally completed at Bristol University’s School of Education which researched the factors which ‘great learners’ share.

Both of these nuances of the word overlap, particularly as we look at developing strong learners in an educational and employment context, and help individuals cope with their personal responses to the stresses and challenges of modern life – both within and without the educational/employment contexts.

RSVP Design’s response is to develop and provide games & tools that can be used to help build these normative, self-righting tendencies of individuals, as well as providing detailed support on how to use them.


“I am focusing on a leadership project on university campuses in Kenya. My work includes team development for students, and a company that provides team development for corporates. The goal of the company is to raise funds for the projects I run on the university campuses. I ordered two sets of Webmaster and Colourblind several years ago and LOVE your products! They have connected with everyone, both students and the corporate companies. I decided to try more of your products as I have found so much value in the other two. Thank you for creating such amazing products! :-)”

Brent Hanson


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