Experiential Learning Tools for exploring the challenges of leadership and developing the personal skills and behaviours that support successful leaders

Structured experiential learning activities have been used in leadership development for decades – often based upon a military model of command and control.

With the changing nature of modern organisations come new opportunities to explore the nature of leadership and the behaviours and thought processes it demands. RSVP Design’s product range offers excellent tools for developing specific and isolated aspects of leadership. Our products cover all of the core skills upon which effective leadership is built, such as communicating, influencing, negotiating, innovating and strategic decision-making.

In order to explore the function of leadership, rather than the individual behaviours that support it, we need to work with much more complex concepts. Creating a vision, encouraging new directions, innovating, initiating and communicating change whilst maintaining ‘business as usual’ all demand multi-layered skills that aid in developing leadership.

  • We develop extended and complex behavioural simulations, that mirror a process of organisational change; and reflect, as far as possible, the reality of the client’s organisation and represent that in the design of the simulation.


  • We build in extensive leadership coaching, from specialist coaches, who work alongside the leaders in the simulation.
  • We apply our own, tailored Leadership model to the design and implementation of the leadership simulations


  • We ensure that any leadership learning is integrated into other leadership development programmes and systems within the client organization. We also ensure that there is the in-house capability to support on-going leadership development for those who experience an RSVP Design Leadership simulation.


“There is no doubt at all about the value of RSVP Design’s contribution to this project. The residential programme in Ireland at the start of the project was a defining moment in the team’s success and the total training investment was less than 0.01% of the project cost yet was highly significant in achieving our business results.”

Dr Rodney Irwin
Group Director Risk Management, Internal Control & CR Reporting
TNT Head Office BV, Netherlands

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