Experiential Learning Tools for teamwork, team building, team development, remote and cross-functional team working.

Skills needed for teamwork include many aspects of leading, supervising and managing teams.

RSVP Design’s experiential learning games have been carefully designed to enable facilitators, trainers, & educators to focus on different aspects of teamwork. In particular, we recognize how the purpose and nature of teams, and the context in which they operate has changed significantly in recent years, making new demands upon the team leaders and members.

We are often asked if we have ‘team building activities’. Yes, we do, and we also have many activities that address many other aspects of teamwork. We try to distinguish between team building, and teamwork development, so that we can help you find exactly which activities you need to address the needs of the team.

Team Building

We use this term to describe the process of creating a new team, or integrating teams. This involves building relationships, identifying individual contributions, establishing individual and team roles, clarifying team values and creating a team culture. Team building assumes that participants do not know each other well but need to work together to achieve a common goal, and that their interdependence will continue for some time. We have a vast range of challenging virtual team building activities to simulate the working environment.


Team Building Skills

Team building skills refers to the abilities needed by those who create, manage, and lead teams under changing circumstances. These skills are particularly important to project team leaders and those who lead teams experiencing frequent changes of personnel. They are the skills that enable the rapid formation, motivation and monitoring of teams as they come together to achieve specific, often specialist, tasks.

Teamwork Development

Teamwork development is the process of working with an existing, established team to review their current and future needs. Teamwork development is often required when a team is under pressure, when relationships are difficult and there is tension in the team, when the external demands on the team are changing or when there are opportunities for the team to improve performance and achieve significant new goals. Our activities offer an awareness about how to develop teamwork within an organisation or group.


Team Working Skills

Modern teams change and reform constantly. Team working skills are the interpersonal skills needed by individual team members, often subject specialists, as they move in and out of changing teams. They focus on what enables teams to perform to a high level, even when working remotely, and address the challenges of working in cross functional and virtual teams. Use our virtual team building activities to simulate their working environment.

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