RSVP Design exports directly to most countries in the World. However our international reseller network provides a local point of distribution, in-region shipping and access to advice and expertise. In some countries, products have been translated for local markets.


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USA -local shipping


Interel and RSVP Design share their product lines with Interel managing distribution of RSVP Design products in North America and RSVP Design managing distribution of Interel products outside North America. For further information on RSVP Design products in North America email or call  1 888 702 0023.

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Institute of Leadership & Management

United Kingdom

Institute of Leadership and Management

ILM, Europe’s foremost leadership and management body, and RSVP Design have teamed up to offer an extensive range of experiential games, tasks and workshops that complement units in many of ILM’s leadership and management qualifications. ILM’s mission is to develop and support a community of managers and leaders, to help them fulfil their potential and raise standards of leadership everywhere, so we are delighted that they have chosen RSVP Design tools as preferred learning materials to recommend to their centres world-wide.

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Whole Brain Leadership Consulting


Whole Brain Leadership Consulting, China

Whole Brain Leadership Consulting
(Shanghai) Inc. are partners of RSVP Design and distributors of our tools in China and Taiwan. We share an interest in developing engaging and effective training programmes and the use of tools such as the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument.

Our relationship has been developing since 2004, and we have had the pleasure of visiting our colleagues in China and Taipei to work both with their staff teams and their customers. The use of our tools in the Chinese language was wonderful to see and proved to us that our tools can be used across Nationalities and languages.

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Experience Corner


Experience Corner is the first online store in Poland offering interactive training tools. Experience Corner and RSVP Design have collaborated to create Polish language versions of several RSVP Design experiential learning activities. Experience Corner can supply both English and Polish language versions, and established our reselling partnership in June 2011.

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Trainer’s Warehouse


Trainer’s Warehouse is a US-based reseller for RSVP Design and a number of other games suppliers, as well as a source of training support materials.

Trainer’s Warehouse provide a large range of toys, training aids and other support materials, and an excellent support service and distribution network. RSVP Design and Interel are delighted to have worked with Trainer’s Warehouse for over ten years.

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Georg Dauth of GEDAM has recently begun to resell RSVP Design tools in Germany, alongside his current range of Everything DISG profiling tools, and other Coaching services. We are delighted to begin working with Georg and his customers in German speaking areas. To enquire about ordering RSVP Design learning resources and tools in German, please contact Georg on  or call +49-7269-919408.

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Project Outdoor Slovakia

Slovakia & Czech Republic

We are delighted Project Outdoor will now be distributing and reselling RSVP Design materials and resources for Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Based in Slovakia, Project Outdoor are an education and event planning company who take pride in understanding professional and unique teambuilding, training, and events.

RSVP Design materials are are available in the native language for Slovakia & Czech Republic.

You can contact Project Outdoor directly on +421 911 465 811  and


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