Who We Work With

We work with anyone who wants to use powerful, active, memorable experiential learning activities & processes in individual, team, management & leadership training

Our clients range from new or experienced trainers, independent consultants, and teachers who choose RSVP Design experiential activities to enhance their programmes, to global corporations who have used our learning design and delivery skills to support major organisational change initiatives.

We believe no client is too big or too small to benefit from our products and services and we are proud of the impact we have made in the world of learning. In charities and NGOs, we provide high quality, affordable support for programmes of global significance, including within the UN World Food Programme and World Health Organisation in their drive to eliminate hunger and disease.



We work with training consultancies and independent trainers, helping you to identify appropriate tools and resources to integrate into your own client work, and helping you strengthen relationships with your clients.

L&D Advisors


We work with internal Learning & Development specialists, supporting you in sourcing the right activities and processes to achieve the learning outcomes your business partners need to move forward.

HR, Managers & Directors

We work with HR and Line Managers, Business Leaders and Senior Executive Teams, supporting major organisational developments, addressing specific business problems and achieving aspirational business goals.



In the world of education, we work in leading international business schools and universities, in further and vocational education and in the later years of school as young people prepare for employment.

“The excellent facilitation by both Geoff and Ann ensured all staff participated in a positive way. Everyone was treated as equals and staff maintained their focus. The composition of the groups were dynamic and if something wasn’t quite working as planned, RSVP were quickly able to make adjustments in the programme to improve the outcome. Making full use of the facilities for activities both indoors and outdoors helped create a safe and relaxed environment for the participants. It was a pleasure to work with this dynamic and experienced team.”

Azeb Asrat
Country Director, a.i.
United Nations World Food Programme

Trusted by global brands and local trainers