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  1. Resilience - Can you train your mind like you train your muscles?

    We hear the term all the time.  Becoming more resilient is offered as the solution to coping with stress, helping with mental health issues and continuing to perform well in times of change and uncertainty.   But what does it mean - and are we really using the right term for the personal qualities and skills that we need to do ... Read more...
  2. Training Course, Workshop, Retreat, Meeting ... Which is it?

    Are you providing a Training Course? Or is it a Workshop? OK, so you’ve identified the need for a training event. Maybe Management Training, or Team Development, and now you’re faced with deciding what kind of event it’s going to be and what are you going to call this learning-themed gathering of staff? Is it a conference, a retreat, a ... Read more...
  3. 12 Attitudes, Beliefs, Habits and Practical Skills for Learning Facilitators

    What does it take to become an effective facilitator of learning? Over the last 25 years, RSVP Design have been involved with the development of trainer training programmes for trainers and facilitators around the world. ... Read more...

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