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Are You Experiencing Dissatisfaction With Your Leadership Pipeline

I read a lot about leadership, and not just because I’m professionally interested in leadership. What people write about leadership is a great source of insight into how they are viewing business organisations, and what they are thinking about how those organisations are likely to evolve. I’m particularly drawn to well-considered writing about leadership development, because dissatisfaction with the leadership pipeline is a good indicator of how quickly organisations are changing.

This past summer I came across a great article by Josh Bersin entitled “Why Leadership Development feels broken and how we’re fixing it

Bersin considers the way that traditional hierarchies are disappearing from organisations, and suggests that the models of leadership that we have need to catch up with this trend. Not an original idea, but one which merits some consideration given the ‘lag’ that tends to exist between an organisation recognising the need for a particular type of leadership and being able to develop the corresponding quantity and quality of leaders.