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Learning Tools from the Top Business Schools to Develop Scotlands Young Workforce

RSVP Design, based in Paisley, has been designing training materials for organisations like Apple, TNT and Walt Disney since 2003, and through its partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership in the US, it has signed an agreement to be the first UK organisation to distribute their experiential learning tools. This is great news for local schools, colleges, universities and businesses, as Managing Director, Graham Cook explains:

"RSVP Design specialises in what's called experiential learning - this is where people learn by participating in an activity, game or simulation rather than sitting in a classroom or training room listening to an expert present information. Recent brain research supports the practice that this is a more effective way to learn and Top Executive Business Schools like Harvard, IMD and CCL have been using tools designed by us for many years. The recent FT 2015 rankings put these three organisations in the Top 10 Business Schools in the world.

Our work with these Universities, and with a wide range of public and private sector organisations across the world gives us a great insight into what skills our young people should be developing if they want to succeed. Its not just about academic skills, its about the so-called soft skills and employability skills that employers value so highly."

RSVP Design has been working in a number of high schools to help teachers access tools, resources and materials that can help Scotlands young workforce develop their employability skills. The strength of their expertise now means that teachers as well as trainers, coaches and leaders can now access the best experiential learning resources in the world to make learning more fun, engaging and effective - whatever your age!

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