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Updates from the 2018 Neurolanguage Coaching Conference and Their Relevance to Learning Design

Learning at Work Week 2018 takes place from 14th-20th May on the theme Networked for Learning. This initiative is an annual event, organised by the Campaign for Learning since 1999, that aims to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of learning and development at work.


In the spirit of this year’s theme, I attended the 2018 Neurolanguage Coaching Conference in Edinburgh, as a way of making new connections and learning from the process. The networks we focused on were neural networks (applying new insights from neuroscience to our learning and development practice) but in the process we expanded our human networks by meeting people from a wide variety of professional fields. The common interest we all shared was the desire to improve the learning experiences we offer to our students, provide teaching and training that is more learner-centred and ‘brain friendly’ and help them to build their learning confidence and capability.


What did I discover?

I was looking for specific connections between the input from the expert speakers and the work that we do at RSVP Design in creating learning tools and processes. The links I made gave me a great deal of confidence that our learning tools remain ‘ahead of the game’ and provide powerful opportunities to raise awareness of important learning themes, rehearse and refine new skills and stimulate a desire for behavioural change.