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#2 Choose & Sequence activities to achieve learning outcomes

Client Enquiry:

Years ago, I learned of your work when I experienced Colourblind® at a leadership retreat. As a facilitator, I have always spoken highly of it.  I am new in my current organization and would like to bring it into our hospital - should I consider buying Colourblind® or ColourblindPlus® ?


RSVP Design Response

It depends! Both are standalone independent activities but both can be sequenced together to build communications skills over a period of time. The original Colourblind® activity is our oldest and most popular tool, and is a classic team activity (ideal team size of between 8 and 14 people), originally developed to train air traffic controllers in communications skills.


Colourblind® Plus was developed recently as both an activity that a group who had completed the original Colourblind® could do (with more learning and a greater challenge); but also to contain a new, easier challenge that could be done in a shorter timescale in pairs. Colourblind® Plus actually contains three alternative activities in the package.


So it depends on the precise areas of Communications you want to explore and how you want to sequence them ;)


Tip #2

Determine how to select and sequence your experiential activity, based on your learning objectives. Consider using the learning obtained from one activity, and use it in another related or unrelated activity that requires the group to apply their learning, and build their skills (or change their behaviour!). Consider also whether to support the practical experiential learning with some theory first (using the experiential activity to reinforce the theoretical knowledge) or use the experiential learning to uncover some behaviour, or process, and sensitise learners in a shared experience, before presenting some new theory or knowledge.


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