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Case Study BAE Systems

BAE Systems
Supervisor Development Case Study

RSVP Design were commissioned by BAE Systems to re-design and deliver a modular, 5-day programme to all new and recently appointed supervisors. They needed to train approximately 100 of their operational supervisors in supervisory leadership skills. Formal, accredited training with classroom style teaching and theoretical assignments had proved a disaster; the inappropriate learning style and the lack of content relevant to the supervisors had created a high drop-out rate and de-valued all training in the eyes of the participants.

This resulted in the delivery of 20 days of training (4 x intakes, each undertaking a 5-day modular programme over 2 months) and the programme continues as new supervisors are recruited.

Here at RSVP Design we work with clients in a variety of ways, and in a variety of sectors. For some clients, their interest is in accessing a new learning design that might bring their content to life, make it engaging, and then allow their delegates to build their skills and begin to apply their knowledge. Others want us to build the skills of their facilitation team by transferring our learning on how to make the programmes as engaging and effective as possible. We can create a Training Workshop that not only looks at current learning challenges but also assists in building new creative responses to these challenges. We are always looking to apply our materials in new and more effective ways.

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