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Case Study Cala Homes

Cala Homes - Staff Conference Case Study

RSVP Design works with clients in a variety of ways, and in a variety of sectors. For some clients, their interest is in accessing a new learning design that might bring their content to life, make it engaging, and then allow their delegates to build their skills. Others want us to build the skills of their facilitation team. We do this by transferring our learning on how to make the programmes as engaging and effective as possible..

Many clients want to take advantage of our expert support and advice in order to increase the return on their investment in the experiential learning tools that they purchased from us. We can create a Training Workshop that not only looks at current learning challenges but also assists in building new creative responses to these challenges. We are always looking to apply our materials in new and more effective ways..

Cala Homes, the UK’s Housebuilder of the Year in 2012, celebrated record success and growth in 2013. Significant recent investment and expansion allowed the company to create ambitious but achievable growth plans. As part of their drive to create an innovative and forward looking culture, they asked RSVP Design to support a new type of annual staff conference. The desire was for an interactive event, to replace the traditional ‘information briefing’ that had been organised in previous years.

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