St John Rigby Sixth Form College

St John Rigby Sixth Form College

Connecting RSVP Design’s tools to the curriculum

As an integral part of the curriculum, St John Rigby has a ‘Values for Living’ programme. This encourages the students to engage with broad ethical, social & political issues. Giving the students an understanding of the issues impacting the global community makes them aware of the need to play a role in wider society. It also contributes to enhancing their employability.

One of the ‘Values for Living’ themes is Citizenship. RSVP Design had the opportunity to work alongside Senior Tutors and Teachers to pilot the use of experiential learning tools to explore this theme. After discussion with Careers and Teaching Staff, we opted to use the ‘Colourblind®’ resource pack to explore and demonstrate the communication & listening skills that are necessary when students have to interact as citizens with other members of their community.

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