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Colourblind® Plus (online version)

Learning Focus

  • Change Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Listening
  • Problem Solving
  • Resilience
  • Teambuilding

Group Size

2 - 16
2 - 28


20-40 Minutes
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Next day delivery available

This online version of Colourblind® Plus is a communication focused team building activity designed to develop these skills in individuals, small groups and larger teams.
It contains three verbal communications activities in one package - a paired, a small group, and a challenging large group activity. They can be sequenced in this order or delivered independently – providing opportunities for individuals and teams to build their listening and communication skills.
For those familiar with the original Colourblind® - the original and popular communication problem solving activity that has been used globally for over 25 years - this provides three additional activities that work in a similar way.
It can be facilitated using any simple video conferencing tool such as Zoom or Google Meet, and participants access secure html links via their favourite browser on any internet-enabled device. The activity is delivered via the secure custom-developed online platform at https://experientiallearningtools.com/login

Prior experience of Colourblind® is not required to use Colourblind® Plus.

Click the button on the right to watch a recorded Webinar on using Colourblind® PLus (online version).


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  • Understand that effective communication is a two-way process requiring a message to be sent and the meaning to be received in the way the sender intended
  • Consider how to improve both communication systems and the quality of the messages which those systems support
  • Practise effective listening 
  • Refine questioning & feedback skills
  • Develop flexibility in communication, changing and adapting language to meet the needs of the listeners
  • Understand how communication is culturally specific
  • Ensure that shared references are used to achieve common meaning
  • Develop team building and collaboration
  • Recognise each individual has a different way of understanding and explaining
  • Understand how different groups of individuals work together
  • To work as a team, including & listen to everyone to solve a problem
  • Managing change by using effective & precise communication skills

Colourblind® Plus (online version) requires participants to describe abstract shapes to each other to solve the task they have been given. Participants are not able to see each other’s shapes so do not share the same visual references. This can be enhanced by working with video sharing switched off (after briefing) and working just using the audio sharing capability. Effective listening skills and frequent feedback and clarification between team members are required to be successful.

Colourblind Plus (online version) extends the original Colourblind® activity with the introduction of six new, more complex shapes. Those already familiar with the original Colourblind activity will have a similar but more challenging experience.

Colourblind Plus (online version) is used to simulate when a visual reference is not shared in the workplace and communication of a complex situation is key to sharing common meaning e.g. communicating via telephone, email, or text. Good communication and team working skills are key in any workplace, and increasingly so for those working remotely.

This purchase contains three different games – a paired version, a small group version, and a challenging large group version. To improve team building, problem solving and change management within the team, a facilitator might begin with the paired version then bring pairs together to form a smaller group to complete the next task, and then move to the most challenging larger group version. Participants might have formed a common dialogue which they both understand in the paired version, however, they have to change and adapt their language when moving into the small group as others around them may not share the same reference.

Different group sizes can be played independently of each other and still provide a challenging task with enriched learning. 

Colourblind Plus (online version) can be used by anyone, from an experienced facilitator to someone who is new to experiential learning. Detailed facilitation notes and introductory video materials are provided for setting up, facilitating and reviewing the exercise. It has been used internationally across cultures to train and develop adults in their native language in any workplace scenario. 

Access via the custom-developed automated online experiential learning platform at https://experientiallearningtools.com/login

Two annual user licences with online facilitator guidance, including:

  • information and video instruction on setting up the activity and inviting delegates
  • information and video instruction on operating the activity and facilitating learning for the group
  • suggestions for reviewing the learning

Online access to each of the 30 x Colourblind® Plus shape images that are shared with the participants, to be used in any of three activity formats:

  • A paired activity, with the option to add a third person as an observer to the pair
  • A small group activity (for ideally 3 to 6 participants)
  • A large group activity (for ideally 6 to 14 participants)

Automated selection of appropriate shape distribution, sent via email to participants, for each user group size. Backup individual links can be copied and shared via messaging or private email distribution.

Unlimited use of the activity within the 12 month licence term from the date of purchase, and use of all materials included for up to two simultaneous learner groups of up to 14 x participants each (the ideal maximum size of learner group).

The ability to add a second trainer to manage up to two groups. 

Additional learner groups using the activity at the same time, or additional trainer registrations will require additional user licences. Please contact [email protected] for details.

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