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Complete Toolbox Package

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Learning Focus

  • Change Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Improving Performance
  • Innovation
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Teambuilding

Group Size

2 - 30


30-90 Minutes
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The Complete Toolbox includes 40 x RSVP Design experiential learning activities and 2x useful books on using and applying experiential learning to cover a very wide range of training and development objectives. The full package is priced at a discounted rate from the individual product prices.

This package is ideally suited to resourcing a central training library and can be used with groups from entry level to senior management, ensuring that facilitators always have a wide variety of activity based learning tools available.

We can offer a significant level of support to clients who purchase the Complete Toolbox package to ensure you are comfortable working with the individual activities. A minimum of 1 day familiarisation workshop with all the materials can be provided for an extra fee. Please contact [email protected] for details. 


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This package covers just about any learning objective you can think of!

From Business Analysis to Information Management, Strategic Development to Facilitation, Leadership to Compliance. 
Each activity was originally designed to be used independently, but can also be used sequentially to build skills, or in any combination to suit your learning and development requirements!

Main areas of development:

  • Personal Development 
    • Assertiveness, Influencing, & Negotiation Skills 
    • Coaching Skills 
    • Communication Skills 
    • Critical and Logical Thinking 
    • Creative Thinking 
    • Learning to Learn 
    • Resilience 
    • Emotional Intelligence 
  • Teamwork
    • Team Planning and Task Achievement 
    • Team Briefing and Supervision 
    • Team Building 
    • Large, Remote, and Inter-team Working 
    • Team Roles, Values, and Culture 
  • Management 
    • Project Management 
    • Process and Performance Improvement 
    • Time and Information Management 
    • Customer Management 
    • Managing People and Relationships 
  • Leadership 
    • Leadership Skills 
    • Leading Teams 
    • Developing People 
    • Visionary Leadership 
    • Strategic Leadership 
  • Facilitation 
    • Visual and Metaphorical Tools 
    • Books and Associated Resources 
    • Conference and Motivational Events 
    • Development Workshops 
    • Learning and Assessment Tools 
    • Coaching Tools 

The Complete Toolbox Package (42 x different experiential activity materials!) is ideally suited to resourcing a central training library and can be used with groups from entry level to senior management, ensuring that trainers and facilitators always have a wide variety of activity based learning tools available.

It includes the most popular products in the RSVP Design toolbox activity range - there are 40 different activities in this package, each with a duration of 20 to 90 minutes of activity, and ideal for introducing delegates to theoretical concepts (sensitisation), or for providing reinforcement of these inputs, (and a 'practice field' to build new skills or learn new behaviours).

In addition to the 40 different activities, we have included two books.   

Playing with Purpose, exploring how experiential learning activities can be more than ‘just a game’. By Steve Hutchinson and Helen Lawrence.

However, if you find yourself stranded with no materials then Jim Cain's excellent little book: 'Find Something To Do' will make sure you are never stuck!

An optional 1 day Workshop can be added to this package for an additional £500.00 plus travel expenses. An RSVP Design facilitator will work with you over a full day to introduce the tools and provide an interactive surgery to best identify their appropriateness in the context of your requirements. For further details please email [email protected]

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