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Education Sector Package

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Learning Focus

  • Collaboration
  • Effective Communication
  • Innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Resilience
  • Teambuilding

Group Size

2 - 30
2 - 30


30-90 Minutes
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Next day delivery available

The Education Sector Pack is designed to help develop your student’s employability and soft skills through experiential learning activities in preparation for further education or work.

Recent employer surveys state that graduates and school leavers lack essential communication, team building and analytical skills. Approximately one third suggest that this 'skills gap' is a threat to the viability of their business. 

RSVP Design are experts in developing these 'soft' skills and have created a range of products that will allow educators to do the same.

We have developed the Education Sector Pack to include 15 of our popular and engaging experiential activities which cover five key areas of learning that we believe are essential in helping students and young people develop and enhance their employability and soft skills. Each activity allows for a standard class size of up to 30 students.  

5 key skills areas covered:

  • Communication Skills
  • Teamwork Skills
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills
  • Personal Management Skills
  • Learning Skills

Our activities mirror business environments and provide an opportunity for young people and students to get a feel for how working environments operate, as well as analysing their own behaviours and how they may need to adapt to different situations.

Each of these products can be bought separately, or in combination for use in educational settings for universities, colleges, and schools. Please contact [email protected] if you wish to buy a combination of these products. 

Please note: This package is only available to universities, colleges, and schools. 



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  • Provide engaging, interactive, memorable and powerful learning
  • Develop and shape your students’ employability and soft skills
  • Prepare students for employment, undergraduate or post-graduate education
  • Help students analyse and understand their own and other people’s behaviours in relation to the workplace


  • One single investment provides durable, reusable, licence free, and versatile activities
  • They are already proven and valued in leading global educational organisation
  • They are cost effective and the library of tools can be used with both staff and student

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate orally and in writing with fluency, accuracy and with confidence, allowing for mutual understanding.

Teamwork Skills

To contribute effectively in teams whilst building strong and supportive working relationships.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

To think critically and analytically, to make sense of and evaluate information and innovate.

Personal Management Skills

To take responsibility and initiative to demonstrate a strong work ethic.

Learning Skills

To self-manage learning, having a personal strategy for ongoing learning & development.


Education Sector Pack Contents: 2 x sets of materials are provided for each of the following 15x products, plus 40 x spare and additional blindfolds

Communication Skills:

• Colourblind®
• Colourblind® Plus
• expresspack

Teamwork Skills:

• Simbols
 Learning Squared
• Teamwork & Teamplay Cards

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills:

• Counter Intelligence
• Workstations
• Narrow Margins

Personal Management Skills:

• Keypunch
• Webmaster®
 Images of Organisations®

Learning Skills:

• Challenging Assumptions
• Voyage Mapping: Individual Version
• Images of Resilience in Education

Package Weight: 16kg

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