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Free Learning Design Manual

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Learning Focus

  • Action Planning
  • Coaching Skills
  • Innovation
  • Planning & Monitoring
  • Prioritisation
  • Strategic Thinking

Group Size

2 - 30


More information

Our Free Learning Design Manual was developed by Dr. Geoff Cox, and focuses on 20 characteristics of effective and successful learning. This is the result of more than 30 years’ experience in designing learning environments for clients around the world!

The manual is titled ‘Learning Design Manual: Designed to Succeed - 20 Things I Know That Help Make Learning Design Initiatives Succeed', and is a downloadable manual providing a series of twenty tips and personal knowledge-nuggets that Dr. Geoff Cox has used for designing learning and training and development programmes for thousands of people from hundreds of organisations, from Global Corporate Organisations and Business Schools, to Not-for-Profit Organisations and Universities. An essential for anyone – new or experienced – who is designing or developing their own learning or training and development programmes for successful and effective learning.

Download your copy by clicking 'Add to Basket', complete the checkout process, submit, and click on the link provided! Or, after the checkout process, go into 'My Account' at the top of the page and you will find your free manual in the 'My Downloadable Products' section on the left of your page. 

Please remember to save a copy for your own use!

Click the image on the right to watch Dr. Geoff Cox introduce his learning design support service from RSVP Design.


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  • Learning to learn
  • Successful and effective learning initiatives and environments
  • Process of designing and developing a training and development, or learning programme
  • Measuring learning success
  • Learning design vs. Instructional design
  • Experiential learning

"It’s fair to say that I’ve learned a lot about what gives Learning Design Projects the greatest chance of success. This is what still guides me when it comes to negotiating and setting up new projects; the things that enable me to do what I’m best at - creating learning environments that deliver for my clients. These are the things that, if I’d known them 30 years ago, would have made it easier to avoid the potential pitfalls that exist where organisations contract with designers of learning.

This collection of personal knowledge-nuggets is intended to help anybody who is engaged in putting together Learning Design Initiatives - either as representatives of a contracting organisation, or as a design specialist from an outside supplier."

Dr. Geoff Cox, Design Director

Manual Content:

  1. Before the design works starts
  2. At the early stages of your project
  3. During the project
  4. After the project

Click here to request a free learning design consultation with Dr. Geoff Cox, our Design Director and Lead Consultant.

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