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Images of Organisations® (online version)

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Learning Focus

  • Action Planning
  • Change Management
  • Coaching
  • Effective Communication
  • Icebreaker
  • Teambuilding

Group Size

2 - 50
2 - 50


20-40 Minutes
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Next day delivery available

Images of Organisations® (online version) is a fully digital version of our popular physical Images of Organisations® card deck activity, delivered via the https://experientiallearningtools.com/ platform. This digital experiential learning tool comprises focused visual metaphor images of organisational and business situations to be used as an introductory ice breaker or a team development activity to encourage deeper conversations and sharing of experience, feelings, and perceptions. These popular images are highly versatile and can be used with individuals or teams to help debrief/review or close any group activity or experience.
Since its introduction in 2005, Images of Organisations® has been one of the most popular tools in the RSVP Design experiential activity range. This digital version also contains the same 16 carefully designed and selected images that have been drawn in an attractive and accessible cartoon style. The images represent a range of experiences and emotions, many of which will be familiar to anyone working in an organisation, sitting on a committee or attending regular meetings! This should be no surprise as they are all based on descriptions that real people in real organisations have given to us over the years about what it felt like to be part of a team or an organisation at a particular point in time.

The images include a wide variety of strong, negative emotions, eg:
  • Frustration
  • Confusion
  • Isolation
Through to very positive shared experiences, eg:
  • The successful achievement of a challenging task
  • The satisfaction of working in a skilled and specialist team
  • The motivation of working in a competitive and stimulating environment.
The platform supports the facilitator in a three-stage process (as typically used with the physical version) where individual participants first review and choose one or more images which can then be presented by each individual to the whole group in Stage 2. In Stage 3, the facilitator can review which images were chosen by the whole group in plenary and further extend learning from the activity.
Full instructions and facilitator support are provided from the https://experientiallearningtools.com platform.


  • Improve management & workplace communications
  • Increase team and organisational performance
  • Improve personal or team development planning
  • Manage difficult conversations by approaching otherwise difficult topics in a sensitive manner
  • Build skills in giving and receiving feedback through practice 
  • Improve learning transfer - using as a memorable opening (ice-breaker), or closing exercise
  • Reduce conflict within a team through improved dialogue

This fully digital activity can be used with any internet connected mobile or dektop device (to open a browser window), alongside any popular Video Conference Platform such as Zoom, MS Teams, or Google Meet.
We decided to create this digital version to recognise the additional difficulties in building remote teams, and the need for them to be able to quickly build a sense of relatedness despite the challenges posed in communicating via online meeting software.

Some suggested uses of Images of Organisations (online version): 

• At the start of an online conference or training programme in which delegates do not know each other.

Ask delegates to choose an image that means something to them as individuals - this elicits far more information than simply asking them to state their name and job role as part of a 'creeping death' introduction!

• As a way of finding out about different perspectives amongst team members.

Are different individuals experiencing very different things at the same time? Is one person’s exciting change another’s nightmarish upheaval? Two people can look at the same image yet feel/imagine very different possibilities.

• As a lead-in to team action planning at the end of a team development programme.

The positive and negative nature of the images allows teams to choose an image to aspire to and an image to avoid.

• In exploring organisational values.

What do the individual images that team members have chosen say about their individual values? What is important to them about working in this team/on this project/ as part of this organisation? Values are more than words, and the use of metaphor can begin to explore what values really mean to people, and deepen their shared understanding.

• In performance appraisal.

The positive and negative nature of the images allows managers and subordinates to explore images that might reflect times and activities when things were going well, as well as those when things were more difficult.

Access via the custom-developed automated online experiential learning platform at https://experientiallearningtools.com/login

One annual product licence with online facilitator guidance, including:

  • information and video instruction on setting up the activity and inviting delegates
  • information and video instruction on operating the activity and facilitating learning for the group
  • suggestions for reviewing the learning

Online access to the (optional) three-part activity which allows between 2 and 50 x participants in a single session to work with the images as follows:

  • Part 1:
    View all 16 x images, selecting one or more in response to a question posed by the facilitator
  • Part 2:
  • View in turn, the images selected by any or all participants and for them to decribe the reasons behind their selection
  • Part 3:
  • View the most popular image selections from the group

Automated distribution of images, sent via email to participants. Backup individual links can be copied and shared via messaging or private email distribution.

Unlimited use of the activity within the 12 month licence term from the date of purchase, and use of all materials included for up to one simultaneous learner group of up to 50 x participants.

The ability to add a second Manager (or Trainer) to set-up, edit or run sessions with their own unique sign-on. 

Additional learner groups using the activity at the same time, or additional trainer registrations will require additional user licences. Please contact [email protected] for details.

The experientiallearningtools.com platform and associated online products are developed and managed by Experiential Learning Tools Ltd. (a joint venture led by RSVP Design Ltd.)

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