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The Dutchman's Rope

100% of 100

Learning Focus

  • Collaboration
  • Feedback
  • Icebreaker
  • Improving Performance
  • Risk Assessment
  • Team Building

Group Size

4 - 20
4 - 20


10-20 Minutes
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This product is designed to help groups observe social distancing requirements in any teambuilding  or training event, team meeting or other face to face gathering.

Anytime a group of people gather together there is an atavistic human instinct to draw closer. Closer to the speaker so as to be able to hear what is being said. Closer to friends and colleagues. 

We’ll be able to return to such scenarios in the near future, but for some, maintaining social distancing and wearing appropriate face coverings is going to be the norm for many teambuilding events and group gatherings. Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination, but possible with some intentional planning and preparation.

The Dutchman’s Rope product (based on a 17th Century Naval measurement tool to measure sailing vessel’s speed in ‘knots’) includes lengths of knotted rope that can help with ensuring social distancing is observed in an experiential way!

This product works for up to 20 in two teambuilding groups of up to 10 participants each, with a minimum 2m (6 foot) distance between each person, & includes a book of 25 x fun experiential activities (and review techniques) to use while social distancing is required


  • Socially Distanced Teambuilding
  • Icebreaker activities
  • Program Openers
  • Team Roles, Values & Culture
  • Team Building Team Planning & Task Achievement
  • Team Briefing & Supervision
  • Problem Solving
  • Personal Development
  • Getting Acquainted with Team Members

In the 17th century, mariners at sea would measure the progress of their ships by dropping a floating piece of wood overboard that was tied to a rope with a series of knots spaced at regular intervals. Then they would measure the distance (usually a known quantity such as the length of the ship) traveled for a fixed period of time. This measurement of speed in knots is still the standard today. Mariners had taken a rather vexing nautical problem and solved it with one simple, profound, beautiful idea, referred to by many names around the world, including the Dutchman’s Log.

From this humble beginning and the research data suggested by the American Camp Association, Dr. Jim Cain concluded that finding a creative way to help summer camp professionals and other group leaders maintain physical distance between participants would address one of the most challenging problems of 2020 and so the Dutchman’s Rope was invented!


A Dutchman’s Rope is a length of rope, tied into a circle or laid out straight, with knots tied every 2m (6 x feet). This product works with a group of up to 20 x socially distanced participants.

There are two lengths of blue rope, each prepared with a knot/bight every 2m (6 x foot) with a lightweight carabiner attached to each bight. 10 x carabiners attached to each rope length can ensure that each participant stays the required 2m (6 x foot) apart, and the carabiner can be used to attach name tags, numbers or other personalisation/customisation to allow each participant to quickly identify their position on the rope. The lightweight rope is ideal for either indoor or outside use. 

The materials can be used to help up 20 x participants observe social distancing during a training event, team meeting or other gathering.

Also included is a new book from Teambuilding expert Dr. Jim Cain, which contains 25  Socially Distanced Group  Activities That Are Active, Engaging, Memorable, Effective and Fun to use with the rope/carabiner materials.

Activity Name



My Lifeline

Large Circle Walking

Icebreaker, Get-Acquainted Activity

The Morning Dance Party                            

Large Circle Standing

Physical/Musical Warm-Up Activity

The Story of Your Name 

Large Circle

Seated Icebreaker, Get-Acquainted Activity

Twice Around the Block

Large Circle Walking

Icebreaker, Get-Acquainted Activity

Believe It or Knot

Large Circle Seated

Icebreaker, Get-Acquainted Activity

The Story Stretch

Large Circle Stretching

Physical Warm-Up Activity

Have You Ever?

Large Circle Standing

Icebreaker, Get-Acquainted Activity

Line Up

Straight Line

Team Awareness and Recognition

Where Do You Stand?

Straight Line

Team Awareness

Are You In or Are You Out?

Large Circle Standing

Team Awareness

Traffic Jam

Straight Line

Teambuilding / Problem Solving

Little Labyrinth

Spiral Formation

A Communication & Trust Activity

Seven Large

Circle Standing

A Counting Game Just for Fun

Fifty Ways to Cross a Circle

Large Circle Standing

Theatre Sports / Creativity

Clap, Jump, Spin, Run

Large Circle Standing

Movement Game Just for Fun

One Word Whip

Large Circle Standing

Debriefing & Reviewing Technique

Shuffle Left / Shuffle Right

Large Circle Side-Stepping

Debriefing & Reviewing Technique

Step into the Circle

Large Circle Standing

Debriefing & Reviewing Technique


Large Circle Standing

Teambuilding / Problem Solving

The Lighthouse

Large Circle Standing

Communication / Trust

The Story Game

Large Circle Walking

Story Telling / Creativity

The Trust Walk

Touching Straight Line

Listening / Trust Building

Blind Polygon

Touching Large Circle

Communication / Problem Solving

The Clock

Touching Large Circle 

Teamwork / Movement

Frogs in the Pond

Large Circle Standing 

Games Just for Fun

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