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The Feelings Game

Learning Focus

  • Coaching Skills
  • Effective Communication
  • Feedback
  • Listening
  • Mindfulness
  • Negotiation & Building Trust

Group Size

2 - 16
4 - 20


30-60 Minutes
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This game will enable people to discuss the way they experience situations, people or organisations, and manage emotions. Feelings play an important role in our lives and have a massive influence on our behaviour. That is why it makes sense to understand them. Many people, however, have difficulty putting their feelings into words. This activity encourages personal growth and self development.

This game helps people not only become more aware of their own feelings, but will also enable them to appreciate other people's feelings better.

The Feelings Game consists of 140 four-colour playing cards, divided into three groups:

  1. Pleasant feelings
    For example: happy satisfied, and grateful

  2. Unpleasant feelings
    For example: alone, angry or hurt

  3. Areas of life
    These are aspects of life that may be of importance to you and that are emotionally charged, for example: friends, (un)paid work or health.

Within the two groups (pleasant and unpleasant feelings) the cards are divided into two parts:

  • Cards 1-24, in each group, represent those feelings, which are more commonly recognised and more likely to be a part of daily life (part 1).

  • The remainder of the cards (part 2) deals with more complex feelings.

The different groups may be applied separately or in combination.


These cards are used to allow people to understand their feelings and put them into words. Once being aware of their own feelings, it will help with personal development, self growth, and managing emotions.

Use with any of the following learning objectives:

  • Building Coaching Skills

  • Encouraging Feedback

  • Improving Listening Skills

  • Promoting Mindfulness

  • Encourage the Building of Trust

Possibilities for application:

  • Coaching

  • Teamwork

  • Getting acquainted

  • Evaluation in training courses

  • Career planning

  • Job appraisal and coaching

Boxed game with 140 coloured cards and instructions for five methods of play.

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