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Trainer Training

Trainer Training
Trainer Training

Trainer Training

RSVP Design’s Trainer Training experiential workshops are practical, professional, informative, and fun.
Not only are they guided by enthusiastic and experienced facilitators, but they also provide a perfect opportunity to develop your learning design and facilitation skills

Working with experiential learning methods and activities can require a shift in thinking and change of role for many trainers (especially those in technical fields), as well as for teachers and lecturers who are subject matter experts

Even learning and development professionals can struggle to find the balance between delivering content that meets very specific learning objectives and facilitating a learner-centred experience

RSVP Design’s
Train the Trainer Workshops

Build the confidence of trainers to move into the role of ‘learning facilitators’

  • We draw upon proven methods from adult education, Accelerated and Brain Friendly Learning, the emerging lessons from neuroscience and our own extensive experience to offer professional development workshops and a 1:1 online mentoring and coaching service
  • Join us at one of our open Build Better Learning Workshops or Webinars for an introduction to RSVP Design materials and methods
  • Click below to download Dr. Geoff Cox’s Free Learning Design Manual, Designed to Succeed: 20 Things I Know That Help Make Learning Design Initiatives Succeed DESIGNED TO SUCCEED

    Customised workshops to meet precise client needs:

  • Click below for experiential learning methods for technical trainers:
    How to make your specialist training more learner-friendly, engaging and memorable
  • Click Here for Free Download

  • Learning to Learn
    Workshop materials that focus on the learning process and how to develop individual and organisational learning capability
  • More advanced facilitation
    Creating REALS (Rich Environments for Active Learning) using a range of learner-centred learning techniques
    Click the link below for more information about creating REALS

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