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CCL Experience Explorer Card Deck

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Learning Focus

  • Change Management
  • Coaching Skills
  • Decision Making
  • Improving Performance
  • Knowledge Management
  • Resilience

Group Size

2 - 6


30-90 Minutes
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Experience Explorer is used to focus on positive and negative leadership experiences - in both personal and work life - which have influenced and shaped participant's leadership skills and style. In addition it can explore change management and resilience by reflecting on different leadership experiences.

Experience Explorer was developed by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), who are one of the top ranked global provider of leadership development, and RSVP Design are pleased to be their first UK reseller.

Experience Explorer enhances the lessons of experience by giving leaders a simple, energizing way to share stories that advance development. Leadership does not solely develop through training and development, but through leadership roles in jobs, and life experiences. This is a powerful activity for discovering what participants have learned through good and bad leadership experiences, what they have learned about leadership, and what they still have to learn.

The cards are divided into two categories: Experience Cards and Lesson Cards. Within each category there is a symbol located at the bottom of each card symbolising themes which are found to be essential to leadership - CCL research suggests 15 x experiences as essential to developing leaders. There are 3 x dimensions of lessons that can be learned from experiences.

This set includes one deck of Experience Explorer Cards, and is designed as an extension to the starter package. Buy the starter package containing both the Facilitator Guide and deck of cards here.


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  • Explore positive and negative leadership experiences
  • Reflection
  • Leadership development
  • Personal development
  • Change management
  • Resilience
  • Theory & learning from past experiences and how they influence our behaviour

Experience Explorer is a card based activity created by Center for Creative Leadership – one of the world’s top ranking executive leadership / business schools.

Here are some suggested activity examples:

 52x Experience Cards include:

  • Bosses & Superiors
  • Career Setback
  • Coursework & Training
  • Cultural Crossing
  • Ethical Dilema
  • Feedback & Coaching
  • Increase in Job Scope
  • New Initiative
  • Personal Experience
  • Turnaround

Activity Example: Ask participants to sort the cards into two piles, experiences you have had, and experiences you have NOT had. Participants are then asked to select one or two of their most memorable experiences which has shaped them as a leader. In turn, each participant is to talk about their 'most memorable experience' and the lessons learned from it.

42x Lesson Cards include:
  • World of Work
  • World of People
  • World of Self

Activity Example: Participants pick which lessons they have learnt from their Experience cards. Group those together into a small group of 5-8 who have the same symbol at the bottom of their Lesson card(s). Ask participants to describe their experience and lessons learned, make a flipchart or notes on common or unique lessons, and then report the most common lesson learned.

Contents: 2 x decks of cards plus basic instruction cards contianed in the box:

5x Instruction Cards

It is advisable that each participant receive a full Experience Explorer Card Deck to allow for a full review of their experiences, making for a more effective training experience.

52x Experience Cards

42x Lesson Cards


 Package Weight: 0.1kg



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