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Colourblind® Plus

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Learning Focus

  • Change Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Listening
  • Problem Solving
  • Resilience
  • Teambuilding

Group Size

6 - 14
2 - 28


20-40 Minutes
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Colourblind® Plus is a communications & team building activity designed to further develop these skills between small and large teams, and created as a more difficult challenge than the original Colourblind® activity.

This package contains materials to complete up to three different verbal communications activities - a paired, a small group, and a challenging large group activity. This team building activity will provide opportunities for individuals and teams of up to 14 x people to build their listening and communication skills. 

It can also be used as an extension or an alternative to the original separate Colourblind® activity - the original and popular communication problem solving activity that continues to be used globally for over 25 years. 

Prior experience of Colourblind® is not required to use Colourblind® Plus. 
Click on the webinar recording on the right to hear the differences between these two spearate activities.


  • Understand that effective communication is a two-way process requiring a message to be sent and the meaning to be received in the way the sender intended
  • Consider how to improve both communication systems and the quality of the messages which those systems support
  • Practise effective listening 
  • Refine questioning & feedback skills
  • Develop flexibility in communication, changing and adapting language to meet the needs of the listeners
  • Understand how communication is culturally specific
  • Ensure that we are using shared references to achieve common meaning
  • Develop team building and collaboration
  • Recognise each individual has a different way of understanding and explaining
  • Understand how different groups of individuals work together
  • To work as a team, include & listen to everyone to solve a problem
  • Managing change by using effective & precise communication skills 

Colourblind Plus requires participants to describe abstract shapes to each other to solve the task they have been given. Participants are not allowed to see each other’s shapes, as they are not allowed to share the same visual reference, this is done by either sitting back-to-back or being blindfolded (depending on the group size). This requires effective listening skills and feedback between team members.

Colourblind Plus extends the original Colourblind activity with the introduction of six new, more complex shapes, so those already familiar with Colourblind activity will have similar but more challenging experience.

Colourblind Plus is used to simulate when a visual reference is not shared in the workplace and communication is key to sharing a common meaning e.g. communicating via telephone, email, or text. Communication and working as a team is key in any workplace environment for mutual understanding.

Colourblind Plus contains 3 different games within the one pack – a paired version, a small group version, and a challenging large group version. To improve team building, problem solving and change management within the team, a facilitator might begin with the paired version then bring groups together to form a smaller group to complete the task, and the same again for the larger group version. Participants might have formed a common dialogue which they both understand in the paired version, however, they have to change and adapt their language when moving into the small group as others around them may not share the same reference.

Different group sizes can be played independently of each other and still provide a challenging task with enriched learning. 

Colourblind Plus can be used by anyone, from an experienced facilitator to someone who is new to experiential learning, as we provide detailed facilitation notes for running the exercise. It has been used internationally across cultures to train and develop anyone over 16 years in any workplace scenario. 

Activity Materials

Facilitator manual, 20x re-useable Blindfolds, 30x Coloured components (6x of each colour)
We suggest wiping down/cleaning blindfolds between uses with antibacterial wipes.
Replacement packs of 20 x blindfolds can be purchased here.

Package Weight: 0.75kg

The materials supplied will enable you to work with the recommended group of up to 14 people.

There are three different activities within this package. Each can be run sequentially; as below, or independently.

Paired Version

Participants should be seated back to back so they cannot see each other's shape, but close enough to hear each other. 

Up to 4 x pairs (with an optional observer per participant) are seated back to back so that they cannot see what each other is holding.
Each participant is handed 3 x abstract shapes, and the objective is to describe their shapes to their partner seated behind them. Through verbal communication only to compare their shapes, the pair decide which one of the three shapes they have is not matched exactly to their partner's shape (i.e. which shape is the odd one out). 

Small group version (up to 8 participants per group).

The small team version can easily be delivered when the blindfolded group is safely seated around a desk or table.

Each pair (4x people, and option of upto 4x observers), who were working with the same set of pre-sorted colours are brought together and blindfolded for a second stage activity. As in the previous activity they will again be tasked with identifying the two shapes which do not exactly match, from a set of 12 x shapes that are distributed amongst the participants. 
The participants cannot transfer or exchange their pieces with each other and are reliant solely upon precise verbal communication to solve the problem.

Large Group version (6 - 14 participants per group)

You will need enough working space to ensure that the large team can work together and hear each other – the ideal arrangement is probably a ‘horseshoe’ shape of chairs, so that seated and blindfolded participants can receive the plastic pieces in their hand / lap

Each participant (ideally between 6 and 14) is seated, blindfolded and issued with a number of small plastic shapes. The team has to identify the colour and shape of two pieces that were removed from the complete set of 30 plastic pieces before they were distributed amongst the participants. 

At the end of the exercise they must identify a single ‘group’ answer to the problem. A period of between 20 - 30 minutes' intense verbal information exchange and problem solving techniques along with change management processes will typically be required depending on the abilities within the group.

Should the group already have progressed through the paired and small group versions described above, then this activity will be much easier than if they begin with this Large Group version.

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