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Cultural Connections

Learning Focus

  • Diversity/Cultural Awareness
  • Effective Communication
  • Knowledge Testing
  • Problem Solving
  • Resilience
  • Teambuilding

Group Size

4 - 8
1 - 16


10-20 Minutes
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Cultural Connections is a culture and diversity training exercise to raise awareness and test knowledge of intercultural norms and etiquette inside and outside of the business environment.

The game provides an opportunity for groups to begin to explore and discuss cultural diversity and is intended to be an introduction to themes and issues which skilled teachers and trainers can then develop in ways which are relevant to the needs and the sensitivities of the groups involved.

Cultural Connections™ can be played solo by an individual, or within groups of up to 16, where each question is discussed and a team consensus reached. The game explores a number of areas in which there are specific international cultural differences in areas such as:

  • Relationships with time
  • The environment
  • The ways in which status is ascribed
  • Customs
  • Etiquette
  • Business protocol

Cultural Connections uses a 'Learning Loops' style of multiple choice questions, designed to test individual and team knowledge, and to provoke discussion about wider themes of diversity and cultural stereotyping. 


  • Diversity
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Testing Knowledge
  • Resilience
  • Unable to guess answers, one wrong answer has consequences at a later stage
  • Teambuilding and effective communication

The Cultural Connections activity is a physical card game which allows teams and individuals to improve their knowledge and awareness of some of the researched cultural differences around the world based upon national culture.

How the activity is run: 

Cards are dispersed and a participant will begin by reading their card's question and its potential answers. Next to each potential answer is a number which corresponds and directs participants to the number of the next card. Once a card has been answered, the card is placed down on the table / floor. This process is repeated until there are 8 cards answered. If the last card's correct answer relates back to the first card's number, then all answers must be correct. Each card can only be used once, and the 'loop' is complete only after 8 cards have been answered. Any premature 'loops' signify an error. 

The theory on which this card game is based is research work written up in ’Riding the Waves of Culture: Understanding Cultural Diversity in Business’ by Fons Trompenhaars and Charles Hampden-Turner, published Nicholas Brearley Publishing 1997.

This game also comes in an App format which you can download and use HERE

Activity Contents:

1 Pack of 48x Playing cards, Facilitation guidelines

Package Weight: 0.15kg

Cultural Connections is based on the Learning Loops style of multiple choice questionnaire.

Learning Loops card games contain a self-checking mechanism where the individual or group can check their subject knowledge and understanding as the game progresses - completion of all 6 Learning Loops themes means the correct answers have been chosen, and failure to complete any Learning Loop requires that body of knowledge to be reviewed for errors. The facilitator can remove some cards prior to playing the exercise to focus on specific areas and themes with their team. 

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