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Getting Acquainted

100% of 100

Learning Focus

  • Diversity/Cultural Awareness
  • Effective Communication
  • Group Management
  • Icebreaker
  • Listening
  • Teambuilding

Group Size

2 - 6
2 - 16


20-40 Minutes
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A fun and engaging introduction and icebreaker activity to get acquainted with other people in an unexpected and informal way. Even if you already know each other you can use this game to get to know colleagues, co-workers, and friends even better as a great teambuilding exercise.

Designed by Peter Gerrickens and Marijke Verstege, Getting Acquainted is a great way to kick-start conversations, and introduce individuals within a group at the beginning of a meeting or training session to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Each card contains a light hearted or thought provoking question and associated image.

This pack of cards are used as ice breakers and introductions for groups, whether they want to know more about each other, or they are meeting for the first time - the cards are a fun, effective, and informal way to get to know co-workers and colleagues. 

The purpose of this game is to get acquainted with other people in an unexpected way. Becoming acquainted within a group in a pleasing and inviting manner can be very stimulating, and these cards provide that framework, so that it is a deliberate plan. Each card contains a thought provoking question alongside an associated picture. The pictures are humorous, inviting and stimulating. By matching a question to a picture, you become more involved with the question and your creativity will be stimulated. This enables you to easily find a matching answer to the question at hand.

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  • Ice Breaker
  • Introductory Activity
  • Building relationships in & out of the workplace
  • Understanding cultural and personal differences
  • Becoming better acquainted 
  • Personal Development



Each card contains a light hearted or thought provoking question and associated image.

Example Activity:

Cards are faced down, each participant in the group picks a card. In turn, each participant answers the question on the card and states the association that the picture evokes for them. 

Example Question:

Where would your dream journey take you? 

What did you want to be when you were a child? 

Activity Contents:

56x Cards, each with a question and corresponding picture, & an introductory facilitator manual with activity examples

The questions are divided into six categories:

  • Youth & past 
  • Character & interests
  • Behaviour & daily life
  • Motivation & inspiration
  • Work & career
  • Wishes & future

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