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Learning Squared

100% of 100

Learning Focus

  • Collaboration
  • Effective Communication
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Feedback
  • Instruction & Delegation
  • Negotiation & Building Trust

Group Size

6 - 16
6 - 16


20-40 Minutes
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Learning Squared contains two separate activities within the one package – Hollow Square and Broken Square.

Broken Square's success is dependent upon building relationships between team members, and an awareness of what others need and a willingness to offer resources without any verbal communication. It's an introduction to working collaboratively with others to achieve team tasks, and understanding certain needs of individuals for the team performance. Participants need to use problem solving skills together without any verbal or written communication. 

Hollow Square is a rapid introduction to the skills of planning and then carrying out an 'instructional' process, collaboration between teams, and time management. This activity provides an excellent opportunity to rehearse remote management and instruction skills.


Broken Squares

  • To establish a clear and shared understanding of the objectives of the task at hand
  • To recognise that participation & co-operation by all members of a team are essential to attain team & individual goals
  • To understand the value of offering ‘input’ into a group without the expectation of reciprocal giving  (one of the basic principles of effective negotiation)
  • To be aware of the difficulties created when normal channels of communication are restricted
  • To be open to an exploration of different solutions in problem-solving
  • To practise behaviours associated with interdependent teamworking


Hollow Squares

  • To understand the importance of involving operational staff in planning their own tasks
  • To explore the impact of a lack of communication on trust between groups
  • To learn key skills of team briefing and giving instructions to ensure correct understanding
  • To use clear, concise and unambiguous language when preparing instructions
  • To choose the most appropriate methods for giving complex instructions, to avoid misunderstanding and error

Broken Square

The task requires a group of 4 individuals to finish the exercise with a complete and identical square shape made from the available puzzle pieces. However, they are working with serious constraints: there is no verbal communication allowed and no-one is allowed to request a puzzle piece from anyone else. The success of the exercise is dependent upon an awareness of what others need and a willingness to offer individual puzzle components to others.

Hollow Square

In the activity, one team acts as a planning team and one as an operational team. The planning team prepares and delivers a briefing to the operational team, which should allow the operational team to be able to complete a task without further input from the planning team.

The task is a representation of the relationship between supervisors and their teams. It highlights the importance of involving operational staff in developing plans that they will be required to implement, clarifying instructions and checking understanding throughout the delegation process.

Learning Squared is part of our Education Sector Package for those who wish to use the activities with students or young people in an educational setting. 

Activity Contents:

4x Sets of materials for the Broken Square activity (1x Red, 1x Blue, 1x Orange, 1x Green)

4x Sets of  materials for the Hollow Square activity (all Blue)

1 x Facilitator manual  containing details for each activity

4 x Sets of Activity Briefs for Broken Square

4 x Sets of Activity Briefs for Hollow Square

Package Weight: 2.15kg

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