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Performance Cubed

100% of 100

Learning Focus

  • Collaboration
  • Goal-setting & Monitoring
  • Improving Performance
  • Problem Solving
  • Resource Management
  • Teambuilding

Group Size

8 - 16
4 - 20


30-60 Minutes
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Performance Cubed is a collaborative learning tool that can help illustrate the advantages of a win-win mentality by balancing individual and team goals.

It provides an ever-evolving challenge where teams must work collaboratively over a series of increasingly challenging rounds to minimise error while achieving a defined result. Effective communication and planning skills are essential in order to achieve both small and large team success.

Resource management and creative problem solving will be increasingly important as teams work to achieve both individual and overall success. 


Participants will explore the balance between individual and team-based goals, and competition versus collaboration in this problem-solving activity. A win-win mentality will be required to achieve both individual and overall success.


  • To develop effective communication, team building and problem-solving skills

  • To practice building consensus and collaboration across teams

  • To rehearse process improvement and performance improvement strategies

  • To rehearse working in adaptive and flexible environments

  • To balance individual group goals in the context of the larger team

  • To use effective communication and teamwork to solve problems.

  • To practice evaluation to redefine success

Up to four teams of 2 to 5 members are asked to create unique game pieces using coloured plastic cubes. These game pieces will be used and modified over three rounds of gameplay.   

The teams must be flexible and adaptive in their approach as each team’s respective move will impact the next team’s decision.  Each team’s goal is to play as many of their game pieces as possible before each round ends as penalties will be given for game pieces not played.

As rounds of play progress, teams will need to find ways to balance their individual goals against the larger team goals to achieve Performance Cubed success.

Performance Cubed was co-designed with Trevor Dunlap and Mathew Broda (based in the US), from their original game concept.


1 x Performance Cubesd Gameboard

4 x bags each containing 100 colored plastic cubes

4 x Participant Briefing Sheets

4 x Participant Cube Configuration Sheets

1 x Scoring Sheet

Facilitator Manual


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