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Download Our Free Experiential Learning Manual

Free Experiential Learning Manual

Free Experiential Learning Manual

Our recently updated Free Experiential Learning Manual is an essential tool for anyone who is interested in training, learning and development, coaching or facilitation. The downloadable manual has enough ideas, experiential learning activity briefs and review suggestions to allow you to begin designing your own experiential learning workshops and development programmes, using minimal or no resources!

The manual aims to cover a variety of learning objectives that will support the facilitator, thus enabling them to provide the best learning and training for all of the participants. The manual introduces Kolb’s learning theory and cycle, and explains how this is applied to RSVP Design’s experiential activities, and how it helps the facilitator develop optimum learning for the participants. It also explains how to review these learning outcomes, and provides information to help you select which activity would be best to use for your desired learning outcome.

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Activity Overview

This Free Experiential Learning Manual has a variety of activities that will be useful for anyone and everyone within the field of learning, training and development. Whether you’re new to experiential learning, in need of some new ideas for activities, or a teacher who wants to use experiential activities as a way of engaging students, it is accessible for everyone!

Learning Objectives

  • Introductory Experiential Learning Activities and Ice-breakers
  • Kolb’s Experiential Learning Cycle
  • Teamwork and Problem Solving Activities
  • Skills Development Activities
  • Review and Debriefing Activities
  • Feedback Activities Development
  • Planning Activities

Activity Description

Manual Contents:

  1. Using activities to sensitise learning to learners
  2. Using activities to introduce teamwork principles
  3. Using activities to develop specific skills
  4. Choosing experiential learning activities
  5. Designing experiential learning activities
  6. Reviewing experiential learning activities