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Product Training (Webinars)

Product Training/Webinars

RSVP Design’s Train the Trainer experiential workshops are practical, professional, informative, and fun.
Not only are they guided by enthusiastic and experienced facilitators, but they also provide a perfect opportunity to develop your learning design and facilitation skills.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, face to face in-person Workshops are currently paused but you can sign-up for planned remote learning Webinars as listed below, or contact us if you need some custom online product demonstrations or coaching support.

If you can't join us at one of our regular live online webinars, then watch a previous recording from the list below
Just click the image or the Webinar title!

Images of Organisations Online Version

Using Images to Build Better Conversations During COVID19




This Webinar introduces how RSVP Design used Images of Organisations in our internal team development. We used Images of Organisations online to enable everyone to be able to articulate how they were feeling in a time of tremendous change, and address a 'Team Maintenance' agenda.

Ice Breakers with a difference

Resilience: How do you assess & support people with something that is individual, fluctuates daily and is context specific?

This webinar explores different aspects of resilience in the workplace viewed from an individual or team perspective. It will look at how metaphors represented by images, and underpinned with coaching techniques, enable people to describe resilience in their own way leading to cathartic insights and long term learning.

Virtual/Online activities from RSVP Design

Virtual/Online Learning Activities: This Webinar introduces five different online experiential learning activities


This webinar briefly introduces five different virtual experiential learning tools from RSVP Design: Images of Organisations, Online Workstations, Seeing the Point (online version), Colourblind® (online version) and Simbols (online version).

Colourblind (online version) Activity Webinar

Colourblind (online version) activity Webinar




This webinar offered an opportunity for people to take part in a demonstration of the Colourblind® (online version) experiential learning activity. It showed how the facilitator sets up the invitations on the online experiential learning tools platform for Colourblind, and outlines some of the applications of the activity.

Building Personal Resilience Webinar

Building Personal Resilience Webinar


We invite you to watch this free webinar to explore, with us, a range of ideas and activities linked to the theme of resilience.

Colourblind & Colourblind Plus Webinar

Colourblind & Colourblind Plus


Many customers ask us about how and when they might use either of these products and how they might differ! Listen to Graham Cook on this free Webinar and he will take you through each activity and will provide insights into their design and application over the last 25 years!

Matrix Experiential Learning Activity Webinar

Matrix Activity


This webinar explores learning objectives of the activity, set up stages and process of the activity. It looks at how to set up networks that match your needs and how to take the activity into next level.

Colourblind Plus (online version) Activity Webinar

Colourblind Plus (online version) activity Webinar


This online version of Colourblind® Plus is a communication focused team building activity designed to develop these skills in individuals, small groups and larger teams.

Learning Squared



Learning Squared – Planning/Delegation and Collaboration

Learning Squared contains two separate activities focussed on two timeless development areas that Learning & Development are regularly challenged with:

1. How do we improve our ability to plan and delegate workload across our organisation to improve productivity?

2. How do we improve collaboration across the business in order to improve productivity?

Ice Breakers with a difference



Icebreakers with a difference from RSVP Design

Are you fed up with the usual ice breakers? In this webinar RSVP Design team will give some new suggestions of small, quick and simple tools you can take into your training!

Using RSVP Design tools in developing coaching skills

Using RSVP Design tools in developing coaching skills 

In this webinar Ann Alder will take you through some of our most popular tools and suggest innovative ways of approaching your next coaching assignment.

Mosaic Webinar

Mosaic Diversity activity Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn more about how Mosaic works, the technology and thinking behind the design and the plan for other potential activities that can use the Viewpoint technology.

Be Future Ready - RSVP Design's Top Priority

Be Future Ready - RSVP Design's Top Priority


Dr Geoff Cox will describe the use of RSVP Design’s Top Priority activity as a vehicle for simulating future working environments and rehearsing the operational changes we’re going to need.

At My Best Strength Cards Webinar

At My Best Strength Cards


This introductory webinar will provide a practical insight into the At My Best® Strengths Cards. The session will include lots of practical guidance on how to use the cards in practice. You can expect to leave the webinar with a wealth of ideas as to how you could use the strengths cards in 1-1 and group scenarios.

Matrix Experiential Learning Activity Webinar

High Performance Teams - Webmaster v Sequencer v Keypunch

This webinar will look at the features that compare and contrast three excellent experiential learning activities that can be used to build high performing collaborative teams.

Colourblind App Webinar

Colourblind App Webinar


After more than 20 years of using the Colourblind® Experiential Learning Activity, the original designer Dr. Geoff Cox wanted to create an App that any trainer or facilitator could use in helping them debrief the experience for individuals and groups, and to notice patterns of behaviour without replaying the whole activity through video replay.




Simbols Online Webinar

Simbols (online version) is an excellent fully virtual experiential learning activity for improving communication skills within a team, and based on the highly successful face to face, physical Simbols activity.

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