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We are a diverse, dynamic team of learning professionals, who are dedicated to building RSVP Design’s reputation as a leading global player in the field of experiential learning.
Our support comes from a network of fellow practitioners and academics who keep our work grounded and informed.

Graham Cook, Managing Director, RSVP Design
Graham Cook, Managing Director

Based in our HQ in Scotland, Graham is one of the founders and owners of RSVP Design and leads our Learning Tools & Resources business along with the overall commercial aspects of RSVP Design. He also manages our reseller and distribution partnerships around the world. Graham is an experienced international business manager who has been involved in training and HR for more than 25 years. As he is regularly visiting and talking to customers as well as demonstrating our products he is grateful that he lives only 15 minutes drive from Glasgow Airport.


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Kathryn Ann Alder, Training Director, RSVP Design
Ann Alder, Training Director

Ann specialises in trainer training (developing the training and facilitation skills of L&D professionals, teachers and leaders) & is one of the founders and owners of RSVP Design. She has a wealth of experience in leadership, management and team development training, as well as coaching and group facilitation. She enjoys working with multi-cultural groups, much of it to work with our distribution partners and build the skills of trainers. Ann is responsible for the content of our facilitation support materials and alongside Geoff, the creation of new experiential learning products and programmes.

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Dr. Geoff Cox, Design Director, RSVP Design
Dr. Geoff Cox, Design Director

Geoff has a lead role in RSVP’s Learning Design business & is one of the founders and owners of RSVP Design. After many years of using the outdoors as a learning environment, Geoff has progressively moved his professional focus towards the design of experiential educational content. Much of his time is spent working with major corporations and business schools around the world. Geoff is responsible for much of the functional design of our experiential learning tools and alongside Ann, the creation of new experiential learning products and programmes.


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Anne Cook, Director, RSVP Design
Anne Cook, Director


Anne is one of the founders and owners of RSVP Design, originally providing a huge amount of support in the background to the rest of the team from administration support in terms of finance, to training delivery and supplier and customer administration. She now lends her artistic talents to the layout of many of the facilitator guides for our products, and layouts for our marketing and product component materials.






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Nanette Taylor, Finance Manager, RSVP Design
Nanette Taylor, Finance Manager

Nanette moved from working in the background for RSVP Design from 2003 to very much in the foreground in 2018! Originally Nanette helped manage our payroll and provided book-keeping support on a consulting basis but we were delighted to welcome her into a permanent role with us as Finance Manager to provide much needed support. Nanette manages our Finance function, ensuring our customers get an efficient invoicing process and that our online shop provides accurate information. She also ensures that our staff and suppliers are paid accurately and on time.


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Kim Sherwood, Sales & Marketing, RSVP Design
Kim Sherwood, Sales & Marketing

Kim first joined RSVP Design in 2006 after graduating with a BA (Hon) in Marketing from Strathclyde Business School. She took a break when her daughter came along in 2013 but we were delighted to welcome her back in early 2019 to take on new sales and marketing activities and to continue supporting customers and helping them with their learning requirements. Kim quickly got up to speed with the many new products introduced in the last few years but was also delighted to reconnect with customers she dealt with several years ago! Kim will often be the first point of contact for customers calling our Paisley office and works on a part-time basis.

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Michael Boyle, Product Assembly & Shipping, RSVP Design
Michael Boyle, Product Assembly & Shipping

Based in our HQ in Paisley, Michael joined RSVP Design in 2017 & now manages our product distribution function. He makes sure that the correct products get sent to our customers as efficiently as possible and receives orders from our secure online shop and by telephone and email. Michael is likely to be the point of contact for all online orders and has quickly developed a good knowledge of our many products – and if he can’t answer your question he can find someone who can!





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Graeme Boyd, Product Assembly & Shipping, RSVP Design
Graeme Boyd, Product Assembly & Shipping

Based in our HQ in Paisley, Graeme has been working with RSVP Design since 2016 and manages our product assembly section and assists in fulfilling customer orders. He tries to ensure that both our International Distributors and our HQ always have an appropriate level of stock on hand to fulfill rush orders! He does this by liaising with all our suppliers and keeping our materials arriving regularly!







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