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Our Approach

Company/Our Approach

Our Approach

We offer dialogue and partnership with every client to ensure that the training products and learning design services they purchase from RSVP Design offer the best response to their personal, and organisational development needs.


What informs our work?

We have a close working relationship with many people and institutions around the world who are at the cutting edge of research into learning. Our understanding of what makes learning stick is built into the DNA of every product and process we deliver. We have more than 30 years experience in designing and delivering experiential learning - whether commercial products for sale, or using our understanding of what works to create effective and engaging learning inputs.

Our Approach to Training Tools

After many years of working inside of client organisations we recognise that there are some learning and development needs that will always be present when people need to work together to deliver a target. These recurring needs are what many of our training tools are designed to deliver. However as every organisation is unique we design our training tools to be versatile and adaptable to the particular circumstances, of where and when they are used. We don’t rely on expert facilitation, but we ensure that with a bit of familiarity, our tools will be effective in the hands of any line manager or L&D professional. If you need a particular training tool to meet a particular learning outcome, we will design it for you.

Our Approach to Learning Design 

Our approach to learning design is always customer-led. We are proud of our expertise in the field of learning but acknowledge that our clients know their own organisations better than us. This allows us to practice true partnership working, rather than just preaching its benefits. We do not adhere to any particular model or source of learning content, but will consider any method or approach that, in our professional opinion, will deliver the learning objectives that underpin our contract with a client. At the heart of our work you will always find experiential learning approaches, because we believe that these approaches massively increase the potential for people to learn.

We Listen

We understand and respect that you know your content. We will listen to you and apply our consulting skills to helping you achieve good quality learning outcomes.

We will give you our advice, even if it means we think there is a better way of doing things, but we will explain our reasoning, and justify our feedback. We will be honest in our feedback and in managing expectations.

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