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Company/Our Approach

Our Values

We believe that every organisation has a responsibility to offer its people the opportunities for development and growth that they deserve.
We aim to provide client organisations with the tools and content they need to deliver exemplary learning.



  • When we provide our learning design or trainer training services, we base these around the best practices we have identified within the industry.
  • We use learner-centered, problem-based, collaborative learning wherever this is possible.
  • We aim to focus on your needs, finding solutions to your problems and answering your questions as honestly as we can.
  • We use the Kolb Experiential Learning model as a foundation and enhance it by drawing on other proven methodologies, such as accelerated learning, REALS (Rich Environments for Active Learning), and work emerging from the field of neuroscience.
  • We encourage you to join the network of professionals who use RSVP Design tools and to feel free to ask questions, share ideas and come to us for advice and support at any time.

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