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L&D Advisors

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Learning & Development Advisors

We can quickly supply simple to facilitate, yet innovative, powerful & engaging experiential learning activities that enhance teamwork, management and leadership performance in businesses around the world.

Using experiential learning activities in organisational development programmes

We understand the pressures on internal L&D teams and the benefits of being able to buy well-proven, professionally recognised, affordable resources that you can trust to deliver the results you and your business partners need.

Whether you are responsible for organising a conference or event, delivering technical training or developing individuals, teams, managers or leaders, RSVP Design will have an activity or resource for you.

More than 30 years’ experience of working with local and global organisations have confirmed to us that there are key skills which are always important: basic but vital skills that every employee needs.


Our best-selling experiential activities address these core areas:

We can help build your confidence and competence facilitating and reviewing the RSVP Design activities you have purchased around Generative Learning, Co-operative Learning, Learner-centered, and Problem-based Learning.

Product related training