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Celtic Cross

Learning Focus

  • Collaboration
  • Effective Communication
  • Knowledge Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Teambuilding

Group Size

6 - 14
4 - 20


20-40 Minutes
More information
Next day delivery available

Celtic Cross is a popular and free challenging online team problem solving activity with powerful messages about managing team communication - teams need to create a process to manage and categorise individual contributions and shared understanding.
All communication is verbal; strategic thinking skills are essential. Each participant is provided with a link to view their individual task information contained on images of playing cards.

This is a perfect early team exercise or ice-breaker to establish how a team works together and is ideal for groups not previously experienced in working as a team. 

Celtic Cross is delivered via the secure and easy to whitelist portal at experientiallearningtools.com and can work alongside any online meeting provider such as Zoom, MS Teams etc. The free single user licence is provided for three months.

This exercise demands both task and group leadership. It also requires critical thinking - simply sharing the information will not uncover the answers, rather the information contained on each information card must be combined, and then used to deduce the answer to the question posed in the activity brief. This allows the group to be involved in a significant virtual team-problem solving activity, and quickly mirror problems that real-life teams face in the workplace.

This activity was developed by Derek Fox and this online version is provided to RSVP Design customers thanks Derek's generosity!



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  • Virtual Team Icebreaker Activity
  • Improve Online Teamworking Skills
  • Practice Managing Information & Communication in a Virtual Environment
  • Provide Opportunities to Use Distributed Information to Solve Problems 
  • Build Strategic Thinking Skills
  • Improve Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills
  • Build Online Team Communication Skills

Celtic Cross is free and easy to set-up and adapt at the last minute to accommodate any changes in participant numbers. A draft session is initially created, and then that can be adjusted when the participant group is confirmed - either by auto email distribution or via individual participant links. If access/use of Celtic Cross is required after the free initial licence term expires then it can be purchased alongside Online Workstations.

Celtic Cross offers a good, practical illustration of team roles in action and can be successfully linked to work on effective team performance eg. using the Belbin Team Role model, or individual personality, thinking preference or other individual profiling tools.

The team members are required to share information verbally in order to solve an ‘information puzzle' - a process of information sharing, elimination and logic. The difficulty comes in not being able to see the other participant's cards - the group must identify other ways of remembering and sorting key information. The puzzle involves learning a new structure of how work is completed in the Celtic culture. Even when all the information is shared there still needs to be some critical thinking employed to determine the task solutions!

This is a challenging activity and most groups will take at least 15 minutes to complete it - a maximum of 25 minutes is suggested. Not all the information on the 33 x image links distributed is relevant, but each team member must play a part and look to colleagues to help decide which information is relevant. However even after sharing all the information, the group must use all of this along with some critical thinking to complete the puzzle and reveal answers to the question: 'On what day of the week did they complete the Celtic Cross?'

Following the ‘purchase’ of this free activity you will be sent an email with further details on how to access the activity via experientiallearningtools.com, along with a set-up and delivery instructions.

Online Workstations can be purchased for a minimum 1 year licence term but also includes free use of Celtic Cross during that licence term.

A free single user licence for three months, allowing delivery of the activity via the online platform at experientiallearningtools.com with access to all product-based video and written Articles relating to setting up, administering and reviewing the online activity.  

Unlimited use of the activity within the 3 month licence term from the date of purchase, and use of all materials included for any individual single learner group of up to 20 learners (included with each user licence). 

Free access and use of all the facilitator support Articles within the platform during the licence term.

This activity is also provided free alongside the purchase of Online Workstations for as long as the Online Workstations licence is in place.

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