This week marks the beginning of Learning at Work Week (15th – 21st May) which is an annual event to promote learning in the workplace! Each year has a different theme, and this year is focusing on being Creative & Curious.

At RSVP Design, we love the idea of highlighting the benefits and importance of continual learning to get the best out of your employees, as that is what we are all about. So, we decided to celebrate Learning at Work Week by giving away a free resource each day to build creative thinking skills and ignite curiosity which you can use in your own learning workshops!


  • Curious & Creative: What do you see?law-weekgraphics-cmyklarge3-edit

Is what we see always what is there?

From time to time our brain deceives us into believing something is there when it is not, which can also happen in fast-paced working environments.

How do we ensure people remain open to creativeness to adapt to their ever changing environment?

Download today’s free resource, and some food for thought, taken from Ann Alder’s (our Training Director) book Pattern Making, Pattern Breaking.


  • Curious & Creative: Generating questionscontact-illus2-06-edit

Use puzzles and conundrums to encourage free flowing questioning.

Develop skills that support creativity by encouraging a natural desire to ask questions. However, many people ‘self-edit’ – failing to ask a question because they consider it to be ‘stupid’ or think that other people may react negatively.
Download today’s free Creativity & Curious resource for a quick, light-hearted way of enabling people to generate multiple questions, and experience the creativity that comes when people build on the ideas of others

  • Curious & Creative: Using imagerycontact-illus2-03

Images are a great stimulus for encouraging a different perspective, original and individual interpretations and new connections between thoughts and ideas.

Today’s download provides 3 simple activities using image cards to encourage creative thinking and value a curious and challenging approach to life and learning.


  • Curious & Creative: How do we find that creative spark?contact-illus2-04-edit

The video in today’s download shows many great speakers talk of a strong connection between play and creativity. Would this mean that experiential activities also have a large connection to creativity?

Today’s download also takes a look at our new activity, Mystery Object, to show how asking questions, and looking at things in a different light can spark creative and innovative thoughts!


  • Curious & Creative: Asking great questionslaw-weekgraphics-cmyklarge15-edit

Our last 7-page download discusses why we should emphasise questions.

Young children are walking question marks. They intuitively understand (and may drive adults to distraction) with the question “Why…yes… but why?

By the time they move into formal education, many young people lose the willingness to ask, perhaps because they want to avoid the perception they have asked a stupid question.


Experiential Learning Activities to Ignite Curiosity & Develop Creative Thinking Skills

creativity-module-4-w1500-h1500-croppedCreativity Module

All the materials you need to run a 2-hour session on developing creative thinking skills in your employees. The module contains all the materials needed to help individuals experiment, take risks and explore playfulness in their thinking.


innovation-images-croppedInnovation Images

A quick and effective activity which focuses on creative thinking and innovation skills, how to retain information using the primacy and recency effect, and how to use this information for effective presentation skills.



rsvp_training_066-cropped-w1500-h1500Breakthrough Thinking Workshop Materials

Another resource which contains all the activities, materials, and resources to run a full days’ workshop on creative thinking skills, thinking outside the box, and innovation.

Either used as a workshop, or independently for small creative thinking sessions. Includes Innovation Images.


rsvp-training_058-cropped-w1500-h1500Critical Curiosity Module

Run your own half-day workshop to develop capable and effective learners by understanding and strengthening their critical thinking skills, the art of asking questions and being curious, and improving analytical skills.

Help your staff understand how to use questions to their advantage and understanding the power of asking questions


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