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CCL Leadership Metaphor Explorer Facilitator Set

Learning Focus

  • Action Planning
  • Coaching Skills
  • Diversity/Cultural Awareness
  • Goal-setting & Monitoring
  • Improving Performance
  • Resilience

Group Size

2 - 30


30-60 Minutes
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Developed by one of the Top Ranking Business Schools in the world, the Center for Creative Leaderships (CCL), the Leadership Metaphor Explorer is a card based group activity to enable insightful and creative conversations about leadership. Three main themes are covered within the 83 cards:

  • The kind of leadership participants presently have
  • The kind of leadership participants need in the future
  • How to develop the required forms of leadership, as individuals and as a group, organisation, or society

Each card has a different metaphor picture, and while the image is cartoon-like and playful, the cards develop deep, serious dialogue while also being engaging. The cards can be used to define direction, alignment, and commitment within a leadership context. The cards are developed from research conducted by CCL, studying the forms of leadership needed in an increasingly complex and interdependent world. 

This package also include the Leadership Metaphor Explorer Facilitator Guide - an 86 page manual providing more in-depth and detailed background to the activity and how to use it to its advantage. 

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  • Leadership Development
  • Reflection 
  • Goal setting
  • Cultural awareness and diversity
  • Developing deep discussions
  • Learning

Leadership Metaphor Explorer is a dynamic activity that enables leadership development as well as advancing goal-setting and monitoring skills to kick-start discussion around different leadership styles.

Produced by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Leadership Metaphor Explorer is an image metaphor activity that stimulates creative and insightful conversations about leadership. This pack contains a set of cards and a full, detailed facilitators guide with an in-depth analysis for using the cards.

Leadership Metaphor Explorer can be used in a number of different ways with all kinds of people. It is mostly used in small groups, but can be used with any size group. It can be used for individual self-reflection, seeing someone else's perspective, looking at your own individual approach to leadership, on a one-to-one coaching basis, or in large conference sized groups.

This tool can be adapted to any type of audience and doesn't have to be used with a group of senior leaders e.g. they can be used in programmes, schools, and camps to help students and young people related to one another and how everyone works differently.

Activity contents:

Card game:  83x leadership metaphor cards, 7x general card instructions

 Package Weight: 0.82kg

Facilitator Guide Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Using Leadership Metaphor Explorer
  • Preparing for a Leadership Metaphor Explorer Session
  • Conducting a Leadership Explorer Session
  • Leadership Metaphor Explorer Applications
  • Combining Leadership Metaphor Explorer and Visual Explorer
  • References & Resources
  • FAQs
  • What Do the Metaphors Mean?
  • About the Designers
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