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Connection Cards

Learning Focus

  • Coaching Skills
  • Effective Communication
  • Icebreaker
  • Improving Performance
  • Teambuilding
  • Working with Conflict

Group Size

2 - 6
2 - 12


10-20 Minutes
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Connection Cards from Create the Ripple are pocket-sized guides for building authentic connections. They're perfect for personal and professional growth, or for use in client meetings, team activities and community events. These cards help steer us towards connections that truly matter and are designed to inspire, motivate and guide us to make even more of a positive impact.  The pack of cards is split across four focused themes of core connection, connection with others, building connections and connection culture. On one side of each card is an idea showing how we can create a connection. On the other side is a quote – a quick, connection pick-me-up! 

The idea is not to methodically work through the entire pack. It’s about finding a little time to pause, either alone or with friends, colleagues, or teams, and reflect, allowing the cards to inspire more considered moments of connection. Shuffle the cards, pick a couple and take a moment to reflect. How about sharing with someone else? It's ideal in a one to one coaching situation.

Creating connections is so important for us all. How we relate to each other should be founded on kindness and mutual appreciation. It’s how we feel seen, heard and understood. And it supports us to maximise our potential together. These magical cards are a little prompt to help you build those links within your own tribe.




By using the Connection Cards in these different aspects of our life, we’re doing more than just talking—we're fostering genuine, lasting connections that benefit not just ourselves, but everyone around us too.

  • Self Navigation: These cards are like little taps on the shoulder, reminding us to connect more deeply with ourselves as the first step towards connecting with others

  • One to One Coaching:  These cards will ignite meaningful dialogues and deepen our collective understanding

  • Working with Teams: In a team context, these cards foster genuine and meaningful interactions among team members.

  • Serendipity Connections: Life is filled with unexpected opportunities for connection. These cards are your go-to guide for making those spontaneous moments matter.

Feeling a sense of belonging and fulfilment are both essential aspects of being human. Yet so often, we can feel frustrated, detached and lost. We are not alone. Many of us feel disconnected due to modern living, health issues, work and other responsibilities. It can happen to us all, no matter our personal situations or social circumstances. We all have the ability to create connections and allow ourselves and others to thrive, creating ripples of unity and togetherness throughout our communities, families and workplaces. 

Create the Ripple Connection Cards are designed to help us reconnect by creating astonishing opportunities for improved happiness, greater stability and a profound sense of purpose. Let’s create moments that matter through the connections we make.

The different Connection Cards themes are:

  • Core connection
    • These cards help you reflect on your connection with yourself. What can you change in your behaviours to become more grounded?
  • Connection with others
    • The focus of these cards is our connections towards others. What can you do to create a greater connection with people?
  • Building connections
    • These help you build connections within a group of people. How can you apply these ideas to foster connection within a tribe?
  • Connection culture
    • These help you learn ways to foster connections in the wider community or workplace. How can you work towards a broader culture of connection?

Create the Ripple is an innovative and creative global learning and development agency, providing premium experiential services to individuals, teams and businesses who realise continuous professional improvement is a competitive advantage.

  • 5 x introductory cards supporting the power of connection and introducing the 4 x themes in the deck

  • A deck of 45 coaching cards, each containing an inspirational quote - or a quick connection pick-me-up

  • 10 x core connection cards - these cards help you reflect on your connection with yourself

  • 10 x connection with others cards - these cards help you to focus on connections towards others

  • 10 x building connections cards - these cards help you build connections within a group of people

  • 10 x connection culture cards - these cards help you learn ways to foster connections in the wider community or workplace
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