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The Motivation Game

Learning Focus

  • Change management
  • Coaching Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Motivation
  • Reflection
  • Working with Conflict

Group Size

2 - 6
2 - 8


20-40 Minutes
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A highly motivated workforce is the Holy Grail for any organisation. And yet, for many managers and employees, a surefire method for motivating yourself or your people remains elusive. 

Developed by Peter Gerrickens and Marijke Verstege, The Motivation Game uses four sets of cards: Activity Cards, Inspiration Cards, Prior Condition Cards and Limiting Belief Cards to enable teams and individuals to explore what motivates and demotivates them at work (and how to increase the former). 

There are no glib answers here, rather several different methods of play for team and personal development. Some of the games use individual set(s) of cards and some of them mix and match two or even all four sets. The Game recognises that motivation, as with most workplace techniques, is intimately linked with how we perceive things, our state of mind, and the ways in which we communicate. 

These cards can be used in small groups where they focus on one of the four card groups - eg

  • Sharing what activities that each person enjoys doing or;
  • In coached pairs/manager & team member where they may explore the conditions that are important for the coachee/team member to be motivated in their current job role or;
  • Individually - perhaps exploring the limiting beliefs card group in order to obtain some insight into their own typical behavioural approach to them - eg Surrendering, Avoidance or Compensating.

The Motivation Game has sold over 25,000 copies in 6 languages.




  • Explore, share and reflect on what activities provide individuals with intrinsic motivation
  • Identify what work situations allow individuals to work well and with enjoyment
  • Explore and reflect on what limiting beliefs may exist and prevent individuals from doing activities that energise and inspire them
  • Build stronger teams through deeper understanding of individual motivations
  • Coach individuals to increase their motivation in the workplace by considering the four groups of cards within the Motivation Game game and reflecting on their personal card choices

The Motivation Game consists of 140 full-colour playing cards, divided into four groups:

  1. Activities - These cards help you find an answer to questions such as: What do I enjoy doing? What gives me energy? Examples include: designing, analysing and entertaining.
  2. Inspirations - These cards help you find an answer to questions such as: Where do I get my inspiration from? What helps me to get in touch with my inspiration? Inspirations often cause inner motivation. Examples include: literature, nature and music.
  3. Conditions - These cards help you find an answer to the question: What do I need to do my work well and with pleasure? Examples include: recognition, flexibility and friendly co-workers.
  4. Limiting beliefs - These cards help you find an answer to the question: What thoughts keep me from doing the activities that inspire me? A limiting belief is a powerful, automatic thought pattern that negatively affects you. Examples include: 'I will never succeed' and 'I don't want to be dependent'.

The different groups can be used separately or in combination.

The ‘conditions’ cards relate to work situations only. The ‘activities’, ‘limiting beliefs’ and ‘inspirations’ cards can be applied to both your work and your personal life.

You could summarise the relationship between the individual components of the game and the concept of ‘motivation’ as follows: 

If you want to become or stay motivated, it is important that you do activities you enjoy, that the conditions you need are met, that you make full use of your inspirations and that you are not held back too much by limiting beliefs.

Activity Contents:

The Motivation Game consists of 140 full-colour cards and instructions for four methods of play. The cards are divided into four groups, with a blank card for each group in case you or the participants have an addition to make. The groups are:

  • Activities (55 cards)
  • Inspirations (17 cards)
  • Conditions (38 cards)
  • Limiting beliefs (30 cards)


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