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20 ideas for 2020 - Get your Training and Facilitation off to a lively start!

January is typically a time to look back over the old year and think about the new year ahead. That retrospective look often reminds us of things that we’ve done, enjoyed or determined never to repeat and can lead to new learning and resolutions for the future. In this blog we focus on short, simple experiential activities that can be used as icebreakers, energisers and tools for sensitising learners to the content of the training to come. In true January fashion, some of these are reminders of old favourites that may have been forgotten and need to be revived (think about the current move to re-use and re-cycle) and some may be new to you (although I guess many of them fall into the category of ‘pre-loved’ !)

These short activities, which we generally refer to as icebreakers, serve three main purposes. As with any experiential learning activity, they should be selected according to the learning outcomes that you wish to achieve and should have strong links to the main content of the session or programme. Nothing irritates, embarrasses and de-motivates a group more that an ill-conceived or threatening icebreaker and this is especially important because it sets the tone for the work and relationships that lie ahead.

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