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Anne Cook

Anne is normally behind the computer screen busy designing all the RSVP Design manuals and laying out all the content for all our advertising but we managed to grab her to answer some questions...


Anne Cook - Director


What is your favourite RSVP Design product?



What is your favourite thing about working at RSVP Design?

We are all one big happy family!


Where is your favourite holiday destination?

San Francisco


What is your favourite food?

Brandy Ho - sweet & sour Dumplings


Who would you most like to have dinner with?

John McEnroe - for tennis tips

James Martin - as long as he does the cooking


What is your favourite band/singer?

Take That

Bon Jovi

James Taylor


Feel free to get in touch with Anne at [email protected]

Here you can read more about Annes favourite product: Colourblind