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Images of Resilience (online version)

Learning Focus

  • Coaching Skills
  • Diversity/Cultural Awareness
  • Feedback
  • Innovation
  • Resilience
  • Working with Conflict

Group Size

2 - 50
2 - 50


20-40 Minutes
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Next day delivery available

Images of Resilience (online version) is a fully digital version of our popular physical Images of Resilience card deck activity, delivered via the https://experientiallearningtools.com/ platform.
This coaching activity includes a collection of engaging metaphor cards representing a range of experiences and emotions linked to the theme of "resilience" or "grit". They explore different facets and connections with stress, change, challenge and learning.

The cartoon style is accessible and people at all levels in organisations relate to the images and experiences depicted. This allows a ‘door’ to be opened into dialogue that might otherwise be too risky or challenging to be tackled directly.
This set of images and the associated questions supplied to the facilitator explore some of the components of resilience, challenging us to think about what it means for us, how we can develop our resilience and ability to cope with stress and how we can ensure that our resilience is used to enhance our daily lives, rather than locking us into patterns of ineffective or damaging behaviour.
The cards are designed to be used to stimulate individual thought and group discussion and can be used in individual coaching or in group-work, whenever the learning objectives relate to personal, team and leadership development, motivation, change management, stress management and an exploration of work-life balance.
Use this activity to develop coaching conversations about experience of resilience. Each one of the 16 x images has a range of suggested coaching questions to help explore what situations you might need resilience, and what qualities or skills you can develop to strengthen resilience.

Using this fully digital image activity allows people to choose a personal relatable image and provides an opportunity for people to share their thoughts, challenges and experience to build their personal resilience. Resilience underpins individual and team performance and is critical to all organisations irrespective of size and function.

Click below right to view a Webinar on the development of Images of Resilience and Emotional Intelligence.


  • Stimulating Discussion and Exploring what Resilience Means
  • Developing Resilience in Coached Pairs and Small Groups
  • Learning to Learn (Developing Metacognition)
  • Exploring and Developing Team Roles, Values, and Culture
  • Managing People and Relationships
  • Building Skills in Using Visual and Metaphorical Tools
  • Developing Resilience Coaching Skills
  • Building Mental Toughness

Developing resilience through effective stress management is fundamental to enhancing emotional intelligence, yet resilience can be context specific. Resilience underpins individual and team performance and is critical to all organisations irrespective of size and function. This RSVP Design experiential activity was developed in partnership with Ei4Change to help raise awareness of situations and issues that affect resilience for each individual.

Images of Resilience is an emotional intelligence training activity that contains multiple copies of 16 carefully designed and selected images that have been drawn in an attractive cartoon style. The images are metaphors, representing a range of experiences and emotions that are linked with the theme of resilience. They explore different facets of resilience and its connections with stress, change, challenge and learning.

How do you assess & support people with something that is individual, fluctuates daily, and is context specific?

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Activity Contents:

Access via the custom-developed automated online experiential learning platform at https://experientiallearningtools.com/login

One annual product licence with online facilitator guidance, including:

  • information and video instruction on setting up the activity and inviting delegates
  • information and video instruction on operating the activity and facilitating learning for the group
  • suggestions for reviewing the learning

Online access to the (optional) three-part activity which allows between 2 and 50 x participants in a single session to work with the images as follows:

  • Part 1:
    View all 16 x images, selecting one or more in response to a question posed by the facilitator
  • Part 2:
  • View in turn, the images selected by any or all participants and for them to describe the reasons behind their selection
  • Part 3:
  • View the most popular image selections from the group

Automated distribution of images, sent via email to participants. Backup individual links can be copied and shared via messaging or private email distribution.

Unlimited use of the activity within the 12 month licence term from the date of purchase, and use of all materials included for up to one simultaneous learner group of up to 50 x participants.

The ability to add a second Manager (or Trainer) to set-up, edit or run sessions with their own unique sign-on. 

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