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Innovation Images

Learning Focus

  • Decision Making
  • Effective Communication
  • Icebreaker
  • Innovation
  • Knowledge Management
  • Problem Solving

Group Size

4 - 16
2 - 16


30-90 Minutes
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Next day delivery available

Innovation Images focuses on creative thinking and innovation skills, how to retain information using the primacy and recency effect, and how to use this information for effective presentation skills.  

The activity is a set of simple, but carefully selected images that can be used for a large number of different learning activities to illustrate a variety of aspects of learning, remembering and creative thinking - these are important skills related to a number of important functions such as creative problem solving, presenting information, delivering team briefings, or working in sales and marketing functions.

This A6-sized version (148 x 105 mm) is designed to be used in small groups by coaches, managers and facilitators.

Innovation Images is a set of 48 x postcard-sized images containing a wide range of drawings of simple items carefully created and collated for this specific topic.

The Innovation Images are very flexible and can be used in many different ways for team training and coaching sessions, as well as any kind of team creative thinking process. They are also useful in helping people understand and practice powerful memory, presentation and creative problem solving techniques.

This deck is an ideal tool for managers and leaders to use with their teams - not only to practice techniques but to apply to real-world business issues. Use visual metaphors as a starting point for creative problem solving, or to help groups and individuals get 'unstuck'!

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  • To demonstrate the value of Collaborative Learning
  • To understand the value of clustering in improving information retention
  • To use the concept of 'forced connections' in generating creative solutions
  • To use as 'random picture' stimuli in creative thinking
  • Understanding the primacy and recency effect for effective presentations

Innovation Images Actiivty Examples

Collaborative Learning

You may be using this pack of cards as a personal development or coaching tool, or to assist individuals in team working. Using the Memory Activity described you can easily illustrate the value of team working, where the group will typically outperform any single individual.

Presentation Skills

Help people understand the power of clustering and the primacy and recency effects of how our brain's memory functions, in order to improve the quality of presentations, meetings and training delivery.

Creative Thinking

The Creative Connections Activity will provide both a practice field and a useful tool for applying the concept of 'forced connections' in generating creative solutions. Once participants understand and experience this method they will be able to apply it to real-life problems. In a similar way using the Random Picture activity will also provide another route to simulate creative thinking. This training tool then becomes a practical business tool to be used whenever a creative solution is required to any problem.

Activity Contents:

48 x postcard-sized (A6) images (105mm x 143mm), plus facilitator guide & instructions.

Package Weight: 0.3kg


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