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Developing management skills

Our management development tools, games and activities enable managers to refine their ability to plan and implement projects, as well as achieve excellent results through the effective motivation and management of their teams. Opportunities exist to use these materials to provide practice opportunities for developing managers and to provide a shared experience relateable to cognitive content to be introduced.

We work extremely hard to ensure that tasks vary in both scale and complexity, in addition to being challenging enough to require management decision-making, delegation, motivation, performance monitoring and process improvement. The tasks demand confident target-setting, high quality communication, careful prioritisation, creative problem-solving and a willingness to respond to change if required.

A wide range of individual experiential learning activities, packages and Workshop materials allow a learning focus on various management skills.
If you can't find a management development product that meets your needs, then please get in touch and we'll do our utmost to help you achieve your objectives.

Showing 37-48 of 111 results

Showing 37-48 of 111 results