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Images of Resilience in Education

Learning Focus

  • Coaching Skills
  • Diversity/Cultural Awareness
  • Feedback
  • Innovation
  • Resilience
  • Working with Conflict

Group Size

2 - 30
2 - 30


20-40 Minutes
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Images of Resilience in Education is a specially developed collection of engaging metaphor cards representing a range of experiences and emotions linked to the theme of "resilience" or "grit", specifically for use with students in Secondary or Tertiary Education. 

What is resilience?

In times of continuous pressure and change, resilience is often cited as one of the key attributes of successful people – a positive ability to weather the storm that rages around. In successful learning, resilience is also a key factor. Those who learn most effectively are those who can try, fail and try again, managing the negative feelings associated with difficult learning experiences.

Use this image deck to develop coaching conversations about experience of resilience - each image has a range of suggested coaching questions to help explore in what situations you might need resilience, and what qualities or skills you can develop to strengthen resilience.
This package contains 6x sets of 18x different cartoon images with accompanying notes, designed to work with class sizes from 20 to 40 students.

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• Stimulate Discussion and Explore what Resilience Means
• Develop Resilience in Coached Pairs and Small Groups
• Learning to Learn
• Team Roles, Values, and Culture
• Managing People and Relationships
• Visual and Metaphorical Skills
• Resilience coaching skills
• Mental toughness

Developing resilience through effective stress management is fundamental to enhancing emotional intelligence, yet resilience can be context specific. Resilience underpins individual and team performance and is critical to learners in all organisations irrespective of size and function. Traditionally, we have thought of resilience as something to be admired: a resilient individual or community is one able to withstand the stresses of a radical challenge to the status quo, one that does not crumble under pressure. But what if resilience is also the very thing that inhibits necessary change? In other words, can we be so resilient that we withstand forces that ought to lead to change and ought not to be resisted?

This RSVP Design experiential activity was developed in partnership with Ei4Change to help raise awareness of situations and issues in Education that affect resilience for each student.

Images of Resilience in Education is an emotional intelligence training activity that contains multiple copies of 18 carefully designed and selected images that have been drawn in an attractive cartoon style. The images are metaphors, representing a range of experiences and emotions that are linked with the theme of resilience. They explore different facets of resilience and its connections with stress, change, challenge and learning in Educational settings.

Images of Resilience in Education is also part of our Education Sector Package for those who wish to use the activity with students or young people in an Educational setting.



Activity Contents:

108 x High quality laminated A5 images (6 x 18 different images), Facilitation notes & questions

Package Weight: 1.8kg

The Images of Resilience in Education cartoon style is accessible to students at many levels and they can easily relate to the images and experiences depicted. This allows a ‘door’ to be opened into dialogue that might otherwise be too risky or challenging to be tackled directly.

This set of images and the associated questions explore some of the components of resilience, challenging us to think about what it means for us, how we can develop our resilience and ability to cope with stress and how we can ensure that our resilience is used to enhance our daily lives and educational experiences, rather than locking us into patterns of ineffective or damaging behaviour.

The cards are designed to be used to stimulate individual thought and group discussion and can be used in individual coaching or in team work, whenever the learning objectives relate to personal, team and leadership development, motivation, change management, stress management and an exploration of study-life balance.

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